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A California Kingsnake Paid an Unexpected Visit

California Kingsnake
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Imagine coming home after a long day’s work, ready to sink into your cozy bed, only to find an unexpected visitor waiting for you. That’s precisely what happened to an unsuspecting woman in Dublin on September 8. Instead of the familiar warmth of her sheets, she encountered a large California kingsnake that had made its way into her bed while she was away. This bizarre incident led to a series of events involving the local police and a pet store, all in an effort to reunite this reptilian wanderer with its owner. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating story of this unexpected visitor and explore the world of California Kingsnakes.

The Unwelcome Guest

A Surprise Under the Sheets

The evening of September 8 started like any other for Sarah, a hardworking woman in Dublin. She returned home, tired but looking forward to a good night’s sleep, however, as she pulled back her bedsheets, she was met with a sight that left her in shock—a large California kingsnake, with its distinctive yellow and black scales, had taken up residence in her bed.

The Distressed Call

Startled by the unexpected guest, Sarah quickly reached for her phone and dialed the local police. It was a call that would set in motion a unique sequence of events. The police arrived promptly at her home, and were equally surprised by the rare encounter.


A woman has found a California Kingsnake slithering around in her bed at her home in Dublin. The woman bundled the animal – native to the west coast of the United States – into a blanket and took it to nearby Kevin Street Garda station. The snake has since been rehomed at Shauna’s Pet Shop on Capel Street, and the hunt is on for his original owners. #snake #dublin #irelandtiktok #ireland🇨🇮 #newstalk

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A Royal Rescue Mission

The Police Response

The police handled the situation with care and expertise. While the snake’s presence was certainly unusual, California kingsnakes are non-venomous and generally harmless to humans. With calm and precision, the officers retrieved the snake from the bed, luckily ensuring the safety of both Sarah and the reptile.

To the Pet Store

With the snake now safely in their custody, the police faced the question of what to do next. Recognizing the unique nature of the situation, they decided to bring the California kingsnake to a local pet store. This decision would prove pivotal in the effort to reunite the snake with its owner.

The Mystery of the Kingsnake

A Snake Out of Place

California kingsnakes, scientifically known as Lampropeltis californiae, are not native to Ireland. They are typically found in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. These snakes are known for their striking appearance, with vibrant yellow and black bands adorning their bodies.

Escaping the Cage

The most plausible explanation for the snake’s presence in Sarah’s bed is that it had escaped from its enclosure in a nearby residence. These reptiles are known for their escape artistry, therefore when an opportunity arises they may explore beyond their confines.

The Quest to Find the Owner

A Community Effort

All parties involved in this peculiar incident share the belief that the California kingsnake likely has an owner in the city who is missing their pet. In an effort to reunite the snake with its rightful owner, the pet store took to social media, posting a heartfelt message on their Facebook page, urging the local community to assist in spreading the word about the missing kingsnake.

The Hope of Reunion

As the story of the snake’s unexpected journey circulated through social media and local news, it piqued the curiosity and imagination of Dublin’s residents. People began to wonder about the snake’s origin and how it had embarked on such an extraordinary adventure from the deserts of the southwestern United States to the tranquil suburbs of Ireland.

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The story of the California kingsnake that crawled into an unsuspecting woman’s bed in Dublin is a tale that highlights the fascinating world of reptiles and the unexpected adventures they can embark upon. It also underscores the importance of responsible pet ownership and therefore ensures that our scaly companions are kept secure in their enclosures. As the community comes together in the hope of reuniting this wanderer with its owner, we’re reminded that even in the most ordinary places, extraordinary stories can unfold.