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A Heartfelt Reunion Uniting Rescuer and Rhino Orphan

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As rhino orphans, they endured the heartbreak of losing their mothers to the cruel hands of poachers. Yet, amid this despair, a resilience, survival, and hope narrative emerged. Under their rescuers’ dedicated care and unwavering compassion, Gertjie and Matimba transformed from symbols of a poaching crisis to beacons of hope and triumph over adversity.

Rhino and rescuer bond
Rhino and Rescuer Share a Tender Moment of Affection © Herd Elephant Orphanage South Africa YouTube

A Rough Start to Life

Adine, a guardian angel for the endangered, was instrumental in the rhinos’ journey from tragedy to triumph. At HESC (Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre), she and her team were the nurturing force behind healing souls marred by the brutal loss of their mothers to poaching. Gertjie was discovered beside his mother’s lifeless form, and Matimba, who suffered a similar fate, was the embodiment of the silent victims of this ruthless trade.

Liberation of Orphaned Rhinos

Five years of unwavering care culminated in a moment of ultimate triumph – the release of Gertjie and Matimba into the wild. Their journey, marked by the compassionate efforts of Adine, Saving the Survivors, Johan Marais, Dr. Peter Rogers, and Gerhard Steenkamp, is a narrative of hope amidst despair.

YouTube video
© Herd Elephant Orphanage South Africa YouTube

The Rhino Poaching Crisis

Every day, rhinos in Southern Africa face the lethal threat of poaching, a sinister act driven by the lucrative illegal trade of rhino horns. These majestic creatures are mercilessly killed, their horns hacked off, often leaving behind orphaned calves, vulnerable and defenseless. The rhino orphan in the video is a living testament to this grim reality, a survivor amidst a crisis that sees countless others perish.

Rhinos have emotions too

Rhinos have deep emotions just like humans. Losing a mother to poaching causes mental pain and leaves the young ones scared and alone. However, in rescue centers, these orphaned rhinos find comfort, healing, and form strong bonds that go beyond their species.

The Silent Victims

Rhino calves left alone because of poaching are quiet victims of this cruel business. Their struggles are often overlooked because of the focus on poaching numbers. Yet, every saved rhino and every new friendship shines a light of hope in a situation that risks wiping out the whole species.

A Glimpse of Hope for Rhinos

Yet, amidst the despair, there is hope. The emotional reunion between the rhino orphan and its rescuer is a narrative that underscores the power of compassion. Amidst ruthless killings and the silent cries of orphaned calves, sanctuaries of hope exist. In these refuges, rhinos find safety, love, and forge bonds of affection.

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