Zebras in the Kruger

The Spectacular: Kruger National Park

Have you ever heard about the Kruger National Park? Or even luckier- have you ever been yourself? This is one of South Africa’s national treasures. A spectacular piece of land totally protected and roamed by Africa’s most incredible animals. The Big 5, amongst many more, reside in this wild and wonderful place, and the diverse...
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Visit Africa for a trip of a lifetime

Have you dreamed of being able to visit Africa? To set your sights on a Big 5 Safari, explore the many protected reserves of biodiversity, bask in the magic of an African sunset and connect to wholesome communities and culture? Visit Africa: 54 countries that hold indisputable natural wonder. Emphasizing some of the Southern African...
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Chimpanzee gazing out over Virunga National Park

Stranded in Virunga National Park: a COVID-19 experience like no other

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to pack up your life for a year and do an overland trip throughout Africa and live in Virunga National Park? How about what it must feel like to get stuck in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on the last leg of your trip...
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Tour Zambia: All you need to know

As soon as travel opens up in the heart of Africa, Zambia should be on your top pickings to visit first! Here is why we believe you need to Tour Zambia. Did you know that Zambia has been voted the safest country on the continent? With unspoiled landscapes of indigenous flora and fauna, contrasted against...
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big 5 safari elephant

Best places to see the Big 5

While every person coming to Africa on safari has their sights set on the Big 5 – African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Black Rhino, and Leopard – Africa has much more than just those majestic five animals to see. In fact, there are almost 150 species of mammal, just under 120 species of reptile and...
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Africa Safari

Top 10 Safari Parks in Africa

Can’t decide where do you want to start your next (or first) safari in africa? We collected the top 10 safari parks in africa places to see wild african animals in their natural habitat. A safari (Swahili: journey) in one of Africa’s national parks is an exciting thing: many people can observe a larger number...
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