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Angelfish Races a Kid at an Aquarium

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It is no secret that animals do some interesting things sometimes. This story is no exception… This little kid started racing an angelfish in one of the enclosures. Let’s take a dive into the world of angelfish and discover more about them!


Angelfish are found in the Indian, Atlantic, and Western Pacific oceans in warm, shallow saltwater habitats such as coral reefs where various other fish species and corals surround them.

They are often confused with their freshwater cousins which are only found in the Amazon basin.


Their diet mostly consists of algae (aka seaweed), sponges (they are living animals) and small invertebrates.


Marine angelfish are known for their graceful, elegant swimming style and curious nature.

They are generally peaceful fish but can be territorial, especially regarding their mating and breeding habits.

Angelfish hierarchy is determined by fighting.

They use their mouths to wrestle and their tails as clubs

Angelfish Races a Kid

The video took the internet by storm. Shows a little kid running around a fish tank at an aquarium.

But what excites the viewer is the little angelfish swimming to keep speed with the boy running.

As the boy slows down and speeds up, so does the fish.

This charming interaction could keep a little one busy for hours!

YouTube video
Video / 180 degree Funny

Angelfish Races a Kid: Conclusion

In the world of marine creatures, angelfish have crept into our hearts.

Their striking colors and curious interactions are truly a testament to the complexity and playfulness of nature.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this funny interaction between an angelfish racing a kid.

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