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Dona Van Eeden

Dona loves Animals and is from South Africa.

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Rain is a characteristic loved by many and linked to intense emotions. If you’ve seen Hollywood romcoms, you would definitely be aware of the part rain plays in symbolizing love and romance. We all know the United States (US) is known for couples that make rain a symbol of their everlasting love and memories.  Unfortunately, …

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Welcome to the 10 Longest Biking Trails In The United States. You can’t buy happiness, but you don’t need to buy happiness when you can roam around on two wheels. That is because a long and uninterrupted bike ride is all you need to be happy and experience euphoria. What better way to explore all …

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Are you looking for the longest hiking trails in the US? The United States has a vast geographic area with various beautiful natural spots to visit, and hiking is one of the oldest ways to explore the natural beauty around any area. All the adrenaline junkies and nature lovers opt for hiking through the scenic …

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