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Baby Whale Gets Attention of Divers So They Can Save Its Mother (Trapped In Half a Ton of Net)

mother whale trapped in net
Image by ViralHog via YouTube

If you ever doubted the overwhelming intelligence of whales this will prove you wrong – a baby whale is clever enough to get the attention of a boat of divers so that they can save its mother who’s in a life or death situation.

The Baby Whale Fighting For Attention

mother whale trapped in net
Image by ViralHog via YouTube

When Captain Faizel and his crew set off for their second dive of the day, they spotted a humpback whale calf leaping in and out of the water in distress. This is is highly unusual behavior for a baby whale, they figured something was up and decided to investigate.

Entangled in Danger

mother whale trapped in net
Image by ViralHog via YouTube

Although it’s a detour for them, the team steers the boat towards to the jumping baby whale and get into the water. Once in the water they are blown away by what they see: it’s a massive humpback whale mother entangled in a massive fishing net.

A 1,5 Hour Long Fight Before She Tastes Freedom

mother whale trapped in net
Image by ViralHog via YouTube

Determined to help, the divers sprang into action. Using knives and sheer determination, they worked diligently to cut away the heavy net. The process was challenging and required careful precision to avoid harming the whale further. All in all, it took 1,5 hours to get her completely free!

Half a Ton Worth of Net

mother whale trapped in net
Image by ViralHog via YouTube

Once they’d cut of the net they brought it back to shore to make sure no other innocent animals wold get stuck in it. They estimate that the net weighed just over half a ton and that the poor mother had been trapped for days judging by her bruises.

Release into the Wild

mother whale trapped in net
Image by ViralHog via YouTube

Following the mother whale’s rescue, she and her calf quickly swam off, a sight that brought relief and joy to the rescue team. The discarded net, weighing nearly half a ton, was a stark reminder of the dangers marine life faces from human activities.

Whale Social Structures

Whale shark swimming. Image by Alex Steyn via Unsplash

Whales are highly social creatures, with species like orcas and sperm whales exhibiting complex social behaviors and deep family bonds that can last a lifetime.

Giants of the Deep

sperm whale
Sperm Whales. Image by vitaliy_sokol via Depsoitphotos

The blue whale, the largest animal on the planet, can reach lengths of up to 100 feet and weigh as much as 200 tons—about the weight of 33 elephants.

Whale Song Mysteries

By NPS / Kaitlin Thoreson –, Public Domain,

Whales are famous for their vocalizations, which they use for communication and navigation across the vast oceans. These songs can be incredibly complex and are as unique as human fingerprints among individuals.

The Breathing Giants

beluga whale
Beluga Whale. By Ubergirl – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Unlike fish, whales are mammals and must breathe air. They can hold their breath for impressive lengths of time—sperm whales can submerge for up to 90 minutes.

Deep Dive Champions

Whale tail
Whale tail in Patagonia Image by FOTO4440 via Depositphotos

Cetaceans hold records for some of the deepest dives known to science. The Cuvier’s beaked whale can dive more than 9,800 feet below the ocean’s surface, remaining submerged for over two hours.

Migratory Marvels

Right whale and calf
Aerial view over a Southern Right Whale and her calf along the overberg coast close to Hermanus in South Africa

Many whale species undertake lengthy migrations, traveling thousands of miles between feeding and breeding grounds each year. This journey is crucial for their survival, impacting their reproductive success and access to food.

Whales: The Ocean’s Gardeners

Fin Whale. Image via Depositphotos.

Surprisingly, whales play a crucial role in ocean ecology by helping to regulate the distribution of phytoplankton through their movements and excretions.

A Whale’s Mighty Heart

Fin Whale. Image via Depositphotos.

The heart of a blue whale, the largest animal on the planet, can weigh as much as a small car and is the size of a golf cart.

Whale Calves: Bigger Than You Think

Image via Wikimedia –

At birth, a blue whale calf can measure up to 25 feet long, which is about the length of an adult great white shark.

Do Whales Sleep?

Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale breaching. Image via Deposit Photos

Whales are conscious breathers, so they have to be awake to breathe. They rest one half of their brain at a time, allowing them to sleep without drowning.

Whales’ Built-In GPS

Orca (Killer Whale) feeding in San Juan Islands, Washington. Image via depositphots.

Whales migrate thousands of miles with precision. They rely on Earth’s magnetic fields to navigate, much like a natural GPS.

Whales in Folklore

whale tail
Whale tail. Image via Depositphotos.

Across different cultures, whales have often been revered as gods or seen as omens. Their appearances in folklore are both mysterious and majestic.

Benefits of Whale Poop

By Merrill Gosho, NOAA –, Public Domain,

In an interesting twist, whale poop is beneficial for the environment as it provides essential nutrients for marine plants, which in turn absorb carbon dioxide.

How long do whales live?

Fin Whale blowing off the California coast. Image via Depositphotos.

Some whale species, like the bowhead whale, can live over 200 years, making them some of the longest-living mammals on Earth.

Why do whales breach?

Humpback Whale
Humpback whale at Disko Bay (Greenland). Image via Giles Laurent, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whales might breach to clean parasites off their bodies, communicate with other whales, or just for fun. The exact reasons are still a subject of research.

Baby Whale Helps Diver Save Its Mother: Conclusion

Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus) – Antarctica. Also known as finback whale or common rorqual. Fin Whale. Image via Depositphotos.

We love a good rescue story, and this one definitely tugs at our heart strings! It seriously highlights the intelligence of whales (even in baby whales) while also reminding us of a very urgent issue: marine life becoming entangled in human fishing nets.

Thank you for reading this beautiful story of a baby whale who gets the attention of divers allowing them to save its mother. For more whale news, take a look here:

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