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Selfless Florida Beachgoers Pull Stranded Shark Back Into Ocean

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These selfless Florida beachgoers disregarded the potential danger this shark posed and came together to pull it back out at sea.

Florida beachgoers pull shark back
©FOX 11 Los Angeles – YouTube

On a sunny day at Pensacola Beach in Florida, a relaxing outing turned into a heart-stopping moment for a group of beachgoers. A large mako shark, distressed and stranded, found unexpected allies in the humans nearby.

A Shocking Discovery

Tina and Josh Fey were among those who first noticed the stranded shark. Celebrating their anniversary, the couple was enjoying the serene environment until the sight of the massive sea creature, struggling for life, disrupted the calm.

Immediate Response

Despite the shock, the beachgoers’ instinct was to save the shark. Wildlife rescue and lifeguards were called but couldn’t offer immediate assistance. Undeterred, the brave souls took matters into their own hands, showcasing human compassion in its rawest form.

Florida Beachgoers Pull Shark Into Ocean: The Video

YouTube video

The shark, displaying its natural instincts, thrashed vigorously, its razor teeth a vivid reminder of the wild, untamable force of nature. Yet, three brave individuals held onto its tail, initiating the first attempt to pull the creature back into its natural habitat.


With collective effort, the shark was turned counterclockwise, its belly touching the water. The beachgoers, undeterred by the splashes and the imminent danger, persisted. And then, a moment of triumph – the shark, regaining its strength, swam away, marking a victory not just for itself, but for every onlooker.

Identifying the Shark

The stranded creature was identified as a Mako shark, a species renowned for its speed and agility in the ocean. With a streamlined body and razor-sharp teeth, Mako sharks are easily recognizable. They inhabit various oceans, showcasing their prowess as skilled predators.

Despite their fearsome reputation, this incident at Pensacola Beach painted a different picture, highlighting the vulnerability that every living creature have.

How Dangerous Are Mako Sharks?

Mako sharks, while formidable, are generally not a threat to humans unless provoked. Known for their speed and powerful jaws, they are apex predators in their natural habitat. However, human encounters are rare.

The beachgoers’ brave act of rescuing the stranded Mako at Pensacola underscores the potential for our peaceful coexistence.


The beach, once a place of relaxation, became a battleground where humanity faced nature, not as conquerors, but as saviors. The shark, an epitome of wild, untethered power, became a recipient of human kindness, blurring the lines that often separate us from the natural world.

Florida Beachgoers Pull Shark Into Ocean: Conclusion

YouTube video

As the waves washed ashore, erasing the physical traces of the struggle, the impact of the event lingered. It was a reminder that in moments of crisis, humanity’s innate capacity to transcend fear and divisions can make a true difference. After all, it’s the least we can do to protect our ocean’s vulnerable marine life.

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