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Bear Breaks Into Connecticut Home and Steals Frozen Lasagna

Bear breaks into home and steals lasagna
Bear breaks into home and steals lasagna
Bear breaks into home and steals lasagna
Image credit: Courtesy of CT Insider (screenshot from YouTube)

When you think of intruders in your home, a bear probably doesn’t top the list of suspects. Yet, in a quirky and unforgettable incident in Barkhamsted, Connecticut, a curious black bear decided to break into a house, open the fridge and steal a frozen lasagna.

The Great Lasagna Heist

It was a seemingly ordinary day until the homeowner received an unusual notification on her Ring security camera. Little did she know that she was about to witness a culinary caper of epic proportions. The mischievous black bear had broken into her home and was on a quest for frozen lasagna!

The bear’s escapade was a scene right out of a wildlife heist movie. With curiosity as his guide, the bear entered the residence and, over the course of 35 minutes, strolled through rooms with the comfort of a seasoned houseguest. The homeowner watched the bear’s movements, amazed by how at ease the bear appeared in her home.

But the bear wasn’t there to merely explore the interior decor. It had one mission in mind – to find food, specifically, the delectable frozen lasagna. And it was remarkably efficient in its search.

Bear Steals Lasagna

The bear made its way to the kitchen, where it was on the scent trail of a tantalizing treat. Its appetite for lasagna was undeniable, and it didn’t waste a moment as the bear reared up on its hind legs and opened the freezer drawer with ease.

Within moments, it had secured its prize—a bag of frozen lasagna. The bear, quite content with its culinary heist, left the freezer drawer wide open and perched on top of the freezer door, ready to make its escape.

The Great Escape

To ensure a seamless getaway, the bear used the open freezer door as a makeshift ramp, giving it the elevation needed to jump out of a kitchen window. With its lasagna in tow, the bear gracefully landed on the outdoor deck and leisurely walked away, leaving behind a bemused homeowner.

The homeowner was astonished by the bear’s audacity. “It’s very hard to believe,” she said. “My mom made me some lasagna, I left it in the freezer, and the bear just, you know, took it.”

Watch Video: Bear Breaks Into Home and Steals Lasagna

YouTube video

Habituated Bears

The Barkhamsted bear is not alone in its culinary capers. According to the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the bear joined a roster of 70 other bears that have invaded homes in Connecticut throughout the year.

These bears, often referred to as habituated bears, have lost their natural fear of humans due to exposure to human-sourced foods and trash. These creatures have developed a taste for bird food, garbage, and even pet food, making them more likely to explore homes in search of a quick snack.

The Bear’s Remarkable Sense of Smell

Bears are renowned for their extraordinary sense of smell. In fact, the National Park Service estimates that a black bear’s olfactory abilities are about seven times greater than those of a bloodhound. This incredible sense of smell equips bears to detect food from great distances, making them formidable hunters for any tasty morsel they can find.

Protecting Your Home from Bear Intruders

In light of the increasing number of bear encounters in Connecticut, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has offered some advice to residents to ensure their homes remain off-limits to these wild guests:

  • Never Feed Bears: Avoid intentionally or accidentally feeding bears, as this only encourages them to return.
  • Birdfeeders and Bird Food: Remove birdfeeders and bird food from late March through November, as these can attract bears.
  • Secure Garbage: Store garbage in secure, airtight containers inside a garage or enclosed storage area to prevent bears from rummaging through your trash.
  • Clean Barbecue Grills: Keep barbecue grills clean to remove food odors that might attract bears.
  • Pet Food: Do not leave pet food outdoors; avoid feeding pets outside to prevent drawing bears near your home.
  • Supervise Pets: When your pets are outside, ensure they are supervised to prevent bear encounters.
  • Compost Wisely: Avoid placing meat scraps or sweet foods, such as fruit and fruit peels, in compost piles, as these can be appealing to bears.
  • Maintain Safe Distances: Never approach bears. Give them a wide berth and allow them to pass through without confrontation.


The escapade of the bear in Barkhamsted serves as a reminder that nature can sometimes venture quite close to our doorstep. While these incidents can be both startling and amusing, it’s essential to follow the recommendations provided by wildlife experts to keep both humans and bears safe.

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