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Bear Breaks into Home & Plays Piano

bear plays piano

Colorado’s rich wildlife often leads to unexpected encounters between humans and animals. In a viral video, a bear sneaks into a Colorado home (wrecks it) and tries his hand at playing the piano!


The video starts with a seemingly empty living room. However, it’s not long before a bear makes its grand entrance, exploring the unfamiliar surroundings with curiosity. While bears are known to venture into residential areas in search of food, this particular bear has a different agenda.

Black Bear
Black bears (Ursus americanus). Image by Aaron Brewer via Pexels

As the bear continues its exploration, it stumbles upon a piano. What happens next is both amusing and astonishing. The bear, by accident or genuine interest, starts playing the piano. While it’s no Beethoven, the bear produces a series of notes, turning the living room into an impromptu concert hall.

The Video

YouTube video
“Watch a bear break into home to play piano,” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Inside Edition

The Aftermath

After its brief musical interlude, the bear continues to explore the house, leaving behind a trail of minor chaos. However, the highlight of its visit remains the unexpected piano performance, which has since become a viral sensation.

A Reminder of the Wild

Black Bear in dense folliage. Image by Pete Nuij via Unsplash.

While the video provides a lighthearted moment, it also serves as a reminder of the proximity between urban areas in Colorado and the wilderness. Residents are advised to take precautions, ensuring that their homes are secure and not inadvertently inviting to curious wildlife.


The video of the bear sneaking into a Colorado house and playing the piano is a delightful blend of humor and surprise. It serves as a testament to the unpredictability of nature and the memorable moments it can bring into our lives.

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Monday 11th of September 2023

And now the bear will be killed because people care more about what stories sell than the animals. It’s so sad.


Friday 24th of November 2023

@Amber, are you dumb? The bear will be relocated. Nothing was stated that the bear will be killed.

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