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Welcome to everything about Bears. We covered the most important topics around our furry friends around the world.

Many species like the Arctic polar bears are facing near extinction by the end of the century. If the sea ice they depend on continues to disappear.

That’s the start warning from a new study, looking at the long-term future of the bears as greenhouse gas emissions contribute to the melting of the animals frozen hunting grounds.

The consequences of climate change are already playing out in the Arctic landscape. And this new timeline the researchers say is a stark reminder that the survival of an entire species is at stake.

Polar Bear Vs. Grizzly Bear

Bears are truly giant animals living on this planet. Due to their colossal size and furry skin, they are equal parts frightening and equal parts cute. Consequently, people are equal parts fascinated by them and equal parts frightened of them. In this article we’ll compare two different bears, and predict who would win in a fight: …

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Best Places to See Giant Pandas

Looking for the Best Places to See Giant Pandas? Giant Pandas are adored all over the world, mainly for their black, white and fluffy appearance and also their somewhat clumsy nature. These fluffy bears, native to China, are unfortunately endangered. This is mainly attributable to significant habitat destruction and loss experienced in the past few …

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