Where to see Giant Pandas

Giant Pandas are adored all over the world, mainly for their black, white and fluffy appearance and also their somewhat clumsy nature. These fluffy bears, native to China, are unfortunately endangered. This is mainly attributable to significant habitat destruction and loss experienced in the past few decades. This blog is going to give you a...
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black bear in the forest

Bears Around the Globe

Bears are some of the most powerful animals around the globe. From Polar bears to Black and Brown bears, even Koala Bears (whom are not technically classified as such) are remarkable.
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black bear climbing tree

Where Can You See and Encounter Black Bears

See Black bears: Perhaps no other animal has captured the human imagination like the bear.  References to bears can be found in ancient and modern literature, in folk songs, legends, mythology, children’s stories and cartoons. Bears are among the first animals that children learn to recognize.  Bear folklore is confusing because it is based on...
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Brown Bear

Brown Bears in the Wild

Brown bears are some of the most majestic and intriguing mammals to roam the earth, they have been widely documented and have appeared in many movies. But how much do we really know about the Brown Bear? Where can you encounter these interesting animals in the wild? What should you do if you ever find...
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polar bear king of the arctic

Encountering The Polar Bear: King of the Arctic

Why not turn your dreams for 2020 into a reality with an Arctic tour, encountering the Polar Bear… Inuit culture has celebrated the Nanook, (a north-popularized word for ‘ Polar Bear’), as the master of bears. The Polar Bear was thought to be the overseer of Inuit hunting trips and their success . Polar bears...
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