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Beluga Whale Dives to Save a Woman’s iPhone

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A unique event unfolded in the vast expanse of the Arctic Ocean that left spectators in awe. A beluga whale, known for its intelligence and sociability, became an unexpected hero by retrieving an iPhone that had accidentally plunged into the icy waters. This extraordinary incident not only showcases the beluga’s remarkable intelligence but also highlights the fascinating characteristics of this Arctic marine mammal. Welcome to Beluga Whale Save iPhone!

Beluga Whale Save iPhone
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The Beluga Whale: A Marvel of the Arctic

Beluga whales, often called ‘sea canaries’ due to their extensive vocal repertoire, are among the most distinctive species in the Arctic Ocean. Their stark white color, bulbous forehead, and lack of dorsal fin make them easily recognizable. These whales are known for their high degree of sociability, often seen in pods of 10 to several hundred. 

Belugas are also renowned for their intelligence. They possess a highly developed sonar capability, which they use for navigation and hunting in the often murky Arctic waters. This sonar, or echolocation, allows them to detect objects as small as a centimeter at distances of up to 800 meters.

The Unexpected Hero

Beluga Whale Save iPhone

The event that brought the beluga whale into the spotlight occurred when an iPhone was accidentally dropped into the sea. Instead of sinking to the ocean floor, the phone was retrieved by a beluga whale. The whale, displaying an uncanny understanding of the situation, returned the phone to the surface and its rightful owner. This act of unexpected assistance amazed onlookers and further highlighted these Arctic dwellers’ intelligence.

The Video

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The Science Behind the Act

Beluga whales are known to be curious creatures, often attracted to novel objects in their environment. This curiosity and their excellent echolocation skills likely played a role in iPhone retrieval. The phone, a foreign object in the whale’s environment, would have piqued its interest. Using its sonar, the beluga would have easily located the phone and brought it to the surface.

Moreover, belugas exhibit helping behaviours. In the wild, they assist other whales in distress, such as helping a calf trapped in a net or supporting a sick pod member at the surface. This incident of the iPhone retrieval is an extension of this helping behavior.

The Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale Save iPhone

This remarkable event serves as a reminder of the intelligence and adaptability of Arctic wildlife. With its sociability, curiosity, and helping behavior, the beluga whale stands as a symbol of the rich and diverse life that thrives in the Arctic Ocean. 

As we marvel at the beluga’s unexpected assistance, remember the importance of protecting these magnificent creatures and their habitat. After all, the Arctic Ocean, with its icy waters and unique wildlife, is a world worth preserving.


The beluga whale’s iPhone retrieval is a testament to the intelligence and adaptability of these Arctic dwellers. This event serves as a reminder of the fascinating world beneath the ocean’s surface, where even a beluga whale can become an unexpected hero. As we continue to explore and understand this world, let’s ensure we do so with respect and a commitment to preserving its rich biodiversity.

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