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Welcome to everything about big cats. Tigers, Lions, or Leopards are beautiful animals, that need to be protected.

Many big cats are in danger. Some are not critically endangered but their habitat and numbers have decreased because of habitat loss and the involvement of humans in their life.

So their life expectancy isn’t very long either which makes it hard for these beautiful animals to survive without human intervention or help from organizations such as sanctuaries who save these amazing wild animals every day.

We hope you enjoy our articles about big cats and continue to learn more about these magnificent animals.

Lion vs Tiger: Who is the Real King?

Welcome to Lion vs Tiger. The two most ferocious animals, the Tiger, and Lion, always have interested animal lovers and naturalists. Who is the king of the jungle? Who will win against the other in a fight? Similar questions have always been a favorite topic of discussion among many. These two big cats are on …

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The 4 Best Places to See Jaguars

Are you looking for the 4 best places to see jaguars? The word “Jaguar” is derived from the indigenous Latin American word ‘ Yaguar’, which can be translated into , ” he who kills in just one leap”. The jaguar is representative of power, ferocity, and valor; believed to be the embodiment of contempt. Some viewed the …

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