Big Cats
leopard in africa

Big Cats and Where to See Them

The term “big cats” is typically used to refer to any of the five living members of the genus Panthera, namely the Lion, Leopard, ( African and Snow Leopard), Jaguar and the Tiger. Of which, all besides the snow leopard are famous for their ability to roar. In addition to these Big Cats, we have...
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wild leopard

The Best Places to See Jaguars

Are you looking for the best places to see jaguars? The word “Jaguar” is derived from the indigenous Latin American word ‘ Yaguar’, which can be translated into , ” he who kills in just one leap”. In Mayan mythology, the jaguar was revered for his connection to the ominous ‘Underworld’, and thus became a symbol for...
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encounter cheetah in wild

Encounter Wild Cheetahs: A Complete Guide

If you have been dreaming of encountering wild cheetahs in their natural habitat, then look no further than our Complete Guide to Encounter Wild Cheetahs. Have a look at our newest article to meet this enigmatic feline and find out more about where you can find them in the wild! You can read the entire...
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african lions

Best Places to See Lions

Are you looking for the Best Places to see Lions? Seeing a Lion without a cage or bars around it is something very different. Many people see Lions in Zoos or Animal Parks around the world everyday, but being able to witness the beauty of the “King of the African Wildlife” in the wild is...
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a tiger takes a swim

Tiger Safari or Tour: All you need to know

Looking for a Tiger Safari or Tour where you can see wild Tigers in their natural environment? We collected the best Tiger tours, safaris or encounters – have a look!  Jump to any section or read the full article about Tiger Safaris around the world. Get to know Tigers Tiger Endangerment  How dangerous are Tigers? ...
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Iberian Lynx

Best Places to See Lynx

Can’t wait to see the iconic Iberian Lynx? We selected the Best Places to See Lynx in the wild. A nomadic, nocturnal and solitary animal: it is only socialised during the rutting season, in the first months of the year. Litters are usually between 2 and 4 puppies. Although in winter they have activity during...
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