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Welcome to the articles about birds, the beautiful animals, which can be found almost everywhere around the globe.

More than half of all bird species are threatened with extinction, but there is some good news.

The number has been decreasing for decades thanks to significant efforts made by volunteer ornithologists around the world who work in collaboration on conservation schemes.

The great-depression era saw an almost halving from 1930s onwards when over 800 million acres became habitats lost annually due threats like pesticides use or conversion into agriculture land.

We hope you enjoy reading and learning about the different bird species around the globe.

The Young Swan – A Bird’s Journey

Swans are a graceful, strong, and beautiful species of bird that reflect pure elegance. From the moment they’re born, swans captivate us with their elegance and curiosity. But just like people, the young have much to learn about life and growing up. Throughout history, these animals have inspired cultures around the globe with their unrivaled …

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Discover the Fascinating Silkie Chicken

If you are a poultry hobbyist, you must have heard of the adorable Silkie chicken! This unique breed is unlike any other and has been beloved by people worldwide for centuries. With its fluffy feathers resembling fur, this petite bird is one of the most visually unique breeds of chickens. But that’s not all – …

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Cockatoo: An Affable Bird That Mimics Humans  

If there is any pet that gives dogs a run for its money as man’s best friend, it would be this bird – the Cockatoo.  The Cockatoo is a lively, playful, and energetic bird mainly known for its talkative nature and brilliant crest of plumage on its head. The bird’s cheerful nature and beautiful appearance …

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Differential Facts About Emu vs. Ostrich

Welcome to this comparative article on the two largest birds to walk (yes walk, because neither can fly) our planet. Let’s assess the emu vs. ostrich! The animal kingdom compromises creatures of various sizes, behaviors, life cycles, and physical features. Commonly the thought never crosses one’s mind that there would be confusion between different animals. …

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