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turtle flying

Best Places to Swim with Sea Turtles

Would you love to swim with sea turtles? These endearing and cute creatures have and continue to win legions of fans from around the world. Imagine diving into the clear blue ocean with your snorkel, swimming side by side with these gracious, calm sea dwellers. Sea turtles have been around for more than 150 million years and spend approximately 95%...
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african lions

Best Places to See Lions

Are you looking for the Best Places to see Lions? Seeing a Lion without a cage or bars around it is something very different. Many people see Lions in Zoos or Animal Parks around the world everyday, but being able to witness the beauty of the “King of the African Wildlife” in the wild is really something to remember.  So...
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Where to see Manatees and Dugongs

Have you ever wanted to experience a Manatee or a Dugong while diving, snorkeling or on a boat close up in their natural habitat? We have done the research and show you the best places to meet Dugongs and Manatees or even swim with them.  Sea-cows are considered vulnerable to extinction. A number of international laws are in place to...
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orangutan face

Where to See Orangutans in the Wild

Do you want to know where you can see Orangutans on our planet? We have searched everywhere for you to find the best places to see Orangutans in the wild. Orangutans belong to the great apes along with gorillas and chimpanzees. Surprisingly, orangutans are the only great apes that are not found on the African continent. In their social behaviour...
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Best Places to Dive and Swim with Dolphins

Are you looking for the best places to swim with dolphins? Imagine jumping into a crystal clear water where smiling faces that are eager for the next fun adventure are waiting for you. They are curious about who you are and what to expect from you. Are you curious as to how they will react to you when you join...
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a tiger takes a swim

Tiger Safari or Tour: All you need to know

Looking for a Tiger Safari or Tour where you can see wild Tigers in their natural environment? We collected the best Tiger tours, safaris or encounters – have a look!  Jump to any section or read the full article about Tiger Safaris around the world. Get to know TigersTiger Endangerment How dangerous are Tigers? Best Places to see Tigers Tigers in Zoos and...
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black rhino horn

See Rhinos in the Wild: A Complete Guide

Welcome to See Rhinos in the Wild: A Complete Guide. We have searched for you for the best places to see Rhinos.  Rhinos belong to the ‘old ones’ on our planet. Just like elephants and hippos, they are the surviving representatives of a group of animals that was once very species-rich and diverse: the megaherbivores, or large herbivores. Unfortunately, for...
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Best Places to Swim or Dive with Orcas

Did you ever wondered where do best places to swim or dive with Orcas are? We collected all the informations you need to be ready for your orca expedition.  When you hear the word killer whale, you immediately have the image of a vicious hunter in your head, fearsome and unscrupulous. However, these animals are definitely not what many people...
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koala tree

Where can you see Koalas

Have you ever asked yourself where you could see koalas? We collected the best places for you to see koalas in the wild, in a koala sanctuary, or park. Have a look at our newest article to meet one of the cutest animals on the Australian continent.  Our slow moving koala is a triumph of evolution, able to survive and...
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hippo in the water

Best Places to See Hippos

Do you want to find out, what the best places to see Hippos in the wild are? Have a look at this article on the best locations for Hippo safaris and adventures.  They are huge vegans with dangerous fighting teeth and show off with the size of their excrement heaps. Hippos produce their own sunscreen and their jaws have the...
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When and Where to Dive with Tiger Sharks

Diving with tiger sharks is one of the most exciting animal encounters we know of. Unlike tigers on land, tiger sharks generally do not see us as prey. Imagine submerging into the blue, knowing that soon you will encounter one of the most efficient predators on this planet. A predator you are going to meet eye-to-eye with equal respect for...
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Bull Shark with Divers

The Best Places to Dive With Bull Sharks

Do you want to look for the best places to dive with bull sharks? Bull Sharks are said to be one of the most dangerous sharks for men around the globe.  Out of the 400 or so species of sharks there are only a handful which are commonly made responsible for most shark attacks on people. Among great whites and...
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Wildebeest groups

Wildebeest Migration: The Complete Guide

Would you like to see one of the fascinating natural phenomena of our time? Then follow the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti with this complete guide. A unique spectacle. An African legend says that God assembled the wildebeest from leftover parts. That sounds harsh. Of course, they are not the beautiest of all animals of the Serengeti, but imagine, wildebeests...
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Giraffe walking in sunset

Where to See Giraffes

Do you want to see giraffes in their natural habitat? Are you fascinated by their grace as they roam carelessly throughout the plains of Africa? Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to spot a giraffe herd somewhere in the wild?  We have done the research for you. Where are the best places to see giraffes in the...
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The Great White Shark

Great White Shark Diving: Best Places

Have you ever wondered how it is to dive with one of the most popular sharks in the world? We collected where you need to go and what to expect from Great White Shark Diving.  A breathtaking adventure is waiting for your, while you just need to decide where to go.  In this article, you learn about Great White Sharks...
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See Elephants: Where to Observe Wild Elephants

Do you want to see Elephants? Fascinated by the beauty, yet the power of the largest land mammal in the world? Ever wondered what it could be like to be up close and personal with an elephant so large, yet so thoughtful? A true adventure surely awaits you. They say an elephant never forgets. What they don’t tell you is,...
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Iberian Lynx

Best Places to See Lynx

Can’t wait to see the iconic Iberian Lynx? We selected the Best Places to See Lynx in the wild. A nomadic, nocturnal and solitary animal: it is only socialised during the rutting season, in the first months of the year. Litters are usually between 2 and 4 puppies. Although in winter they have activity during the whole day, as soon...
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Whale Shark

Diving with Whale Sharks: The Best Places

“If you ever have a chance to swim with whale sharks, you will never forget this magical experience. You will become an ambassador for the protection of these majestic animals for the rest of your life.” – Volker Bassen Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the world – gentle giants of great beauty. It is guaranteed to be one...
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Jaguar Hunting on a Tree

Best Places to Spot Leopards in Africa

Lookning for the best places to spot Leopards in africa? Africa, home of the largest living animals and the most vicious predators is of course home of the mighty Leopard, only here you can find the best palces to spot Leopards. Follow us on a tour through the continent where humans can see and spot Leopards – Africa! Leopards, the...
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Africa Safari

Top 10 Safari Parks in Africa

Can’t decide where do you want to start your next (or first) safari in africa? We collected the top 10 safari parks in africa places to see wild african animals in their natural habitat. A safari (Swahili: journey) in one of Africa’s national parks is an exciting thing: many people can observe a larger number of wild animals in their...
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Blue Shark Diving

Where to Dive with Blue Sharks

Have you ever wondered how it is to dive with one of the most curious, yet gentle sharks in the world? A mesmerizing adventure is waiting for you. We collected where to dive with blue sharks. We have done all the research for you, to help you discovering blue sharks in their natural habitat.  In this article, you learn all about...
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Mountain Gorilla Trekking

All about Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Have you ever wondered what it is like to stand next to a fully grown silverback gorilla with a weight of nearly 200 kg? Seeing these gentle giants in their natural habitat is one thing no one should miss. We collected everything you need to know about mountain gorilla trekking and safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of...
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Lion Walk

Lion Walk: Everything you need to know

Are you looking for a lion walk? Walking with lions definitely belongs to one of the craziest encounters you can imagine. But what exactly is it all about and can your really walk next to a Lion in the wild? We collected everything you need to know about walking with Lions! Read the entire article or skip to the section...
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