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Groundhog Called Chunk Steals Veggies and Becomes a Star

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This Groundhog called Chunk is just doing what he does best – snacking – but has become a viral sensation thanks to a farmer’s surveillance camera.

In the quiet corners of Middletown, Delaware, a cheeky groundhog named Chunk has been stirring up a delightful frenzy. This rodent has captured the hearts and tickled funny bones of people across the globe.

Let’s dive into the captivating tale of Chunk, the groundhog who turned from a thief to a star.

The Mysterious Garden Marauder

A Delaware farmer named Jeff Permar embarked on a journey to cultivate his own food in his garden. One day, Jeff noticed that his precious fruits and vegetables were disappearing at an alarming rate.

Determined to catch the culprit, Jeff set up a security camera in his garden. What he discovered was beyond his wildest expectations – a cheeky groundhog with a penchant for fresh produce and star-quality.

A Star is Born: Meet Chunk the Groundhog

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As Jeff delved deeper into the mystery, he realized that the thief was not just any groundhog, but a charismatic creature with a flair for the camera.

This groundhog, who later earned the affectionate nickname “Chunk”, seemed to enjoy his moments of fame. Typically, he stands boldly in front of the camera, munching leisurely and defiantly on the stolen bounty. This makes us question whether Chunk knows exactly what he’s doing?

Jeff initially tried various methods to keep Chunk away, including raising the height of the fence and placing logs around it to prevent digging.

However, Chunk’s determination and charm won him over, and Jeff decided to embrace his presence.

Chunk the Groundhog: From Thief To Internet Sensation

In the digital age, even a groundhog can become an internet sensation, and Chunk is living proof of that.

This cheeky groundhog has not only stolen vegetables from Jeff Permar’s garden but also the hearts of netizens globally. His daily escapades are chronicled on his very own YouTube channel, where fans eagerly await his newest adventures.

Moreover, Chunk’s Facebook page has become a hub for groundhog enthusiasts, amassing over 200,000 followers who delight in his gardenly adventures.

Sometimes, stardom is just a garden away.

A Blossoming Friendship


As time went by, Jeff’s initial frustration transformed into a deep affection for Chunk and his friends. Jeff even plans to build a special garden for the groundhogs next year, acknowledging that they, too, have a right to enjoy the land.

This blossoming friendship between man and animal showcases the beauty of coexistence, proving that sometimes, the most unlikely friendships can bring the greatest joy.

The Legacy of Chunk: A Tale of Harmony and Joy

Chunk’s story is not just a tale of a groundhog turned celebrity; it is a testament to the harmony that can exist between humans and nature.

Through his daily adventures, Chunk has brought joy and laughter to people around the world, proving that sometimes, the simplest stories can have the most profound impact.

As Chunk continues to thrive under Jeff’s watchful eye, his story serves as a beautiful reminder of the simple joys of life.

Groundhog Called Chunk Steals From Farmer: Conclusion

groundhog standing on hind legs

In conclusion, the tale of Chunk the Groundhog is a heartwarming story of friendship, joy, and the beautiful bond that can form between humans and animals.

Through his cheeky antics and love for fresh produce, Chunk has not only found a place in Jeff’s garden but also in the hearts of people around the world.

As we continue to follow Chunk’s adventures, we are reminded of the simple joys that life can bring.

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