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Cows Respond To Swedish Woman’s Ancient Viking Song

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Chances are you’re going to be just as enchanted as these cows that respond to this woman’s beautiful and ancient Viking song.

cows respond to ancient viking song
©Jonna Jinton – YouTube

In the serene landscapes of the north of Sweden, a unique interaction between a woman and a herd of cows unfolds. This interaction isn’t ordinary—it’s a harmonious blend of history, culture, and nature. The woman sings an ancient Viking song known as “Kulning,” whose roots stretch as far back as the Middle Ages.

The Ancient Art of Kulning

Kulning is not just a song but a call rooted in the Viking era. It’s a high-pitched sound, echoing the melodies of ancient Scandinavian folk music. Women used Kulning to call home cattle that were grazing in distant fields. The song’s piercing tone could travel long distances, making it effective in the vast landscapes of Scandinavia.

Why the Vikings Used Kulning

Kulning was a practical tool for the Vikings. In the expansive and varied terrains of Scandinavia, effective communication was essential. This high-pitched, resonant call was primarily used by women to summon cattle from distant pastures. The distinct sound of Kulning could travel over long distances, cutting through the vast landscapes, making it an efficient means of calling home the animals before nightfall. It was a functional aspect of daily life, rooted in the necessity of managing livestock in the sprawling natural environment of the Viking age.

The Power of the Kulning Call

The Kulning call is powerful, not just in its sound but in its ability to bridge time. It’s a testament to the enduring nature of ancient traditions. In the video, as the woman sings, each note seems to transcend time, connecting the present moment to a distant, mystical past.

Cow’s Respond to Viking Song: The Kulning Caught on Camera

YouTube video

The video captures a magical moment where modern life and ancient traditions intersect. A woman, standing amidst the tranquility of nature, begins to sing.

Her voice, echoing the haunting yet beautiful sounds of the Kulning, resonates through the air. In response, a herd of cows, scattered across the field, starts to gather, drawn by the mesmerizing call.

Cows’ Response to Music

Cows, like many animals, have a heightened sense of hearing and a natural inclination toward music. Their response to the Kulning call in the video is a dance between nature and nurture.

The rhythmic and melodic elements of music stimulate cows’ auditory senses, leading to visible physical and behavioral responses. Music can induce relaxation, reduce stress, and improve the overall well-being of cows.

Depending on the specific tones and rhythms, music can cause increased milk production to more calm and docile behavior.

Cows Respond to Viking Song: Conclusion

north of Sweden
The North of Sweden – Norrland

As the woman’s voice fades and the cows linger, a profound connection between the past and present is felt. The ancient art of Kulning is more than a song—it’s a bridge to the past, a reminder of the harmonious existence between humans and nature. In every note, there’s a story of a time when the fields echoed with the far-reaching and beautiful calls of the Viking women.

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