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Brave Dog “Rescues” Little Girl from Scary Ocean

"Dog 'Saves' Little Girl" Source: YouTube, Uploaded: The Dodo

If you own a dog, you’ve been through it! The ‘I need to save my hooman, they are drowning’ act while you are swimming. Although they might end up biting you by mistake whilst trying to pull you to safety (land), we all know this gesture of care can be quite frankly, annoying!


“Dog ‘Saves’ Little Girl” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: The Dodo

In the world of our loyal four-legged friends, tales of extraordinary bravery and unwavering companionship never cease to amaze. Dogs, known for their incredible instincts and undying love for their humans, have proven time and again that they are more than just pets. In a heartwarming incident, a courageous dog showed that a rescue mission can be heroic even in ankle-deep water.

A True Hero

“Dog ‘Saves’ Little Girl” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: The Dodo

In this scenario the dog ‘saves’ the little girl whilst she is playing in ankle deep waves. The caring dog even takes precaution of biting onto her t-shirt, avoiding her legs and arms. The dog is unknown but seems to be Sarplaninac to Keeshond, perhaps with some Newfoundland in the mix.

A Lesson in Unwavering Loyalty

“Dog ‘Saves’ Little Girl” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: The Dodo

While the little girls parents hurried over, chuckling at their dog’s enthusiasm, they were touched by the depth of his loyalty and protective instincts. The “rescue” had been comical, but it was also a testament to the bond between a dog and his human.

Hooman’s Best Friends

“Dog ‘Saves’ Little Girl” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: The Dodo

The loyal dog taught a valuable lesson in companionship. Dogs, often seen as our best friends, have an innate ability to sense when we need them, whether we’re in a true emergency or just ankle-deep in a playful mishap. The incident was a reminder that, in the world of a dog, there are no small feats when it comes to safeguarding the well-being of their beloved humans.


“Dog ‘Saves’ Little Girl” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: The Dodo

Both the little girl and the dog had a fun day at the beach.

The Bigger Message: Celebrating Our Furry Heroes

“Dog ‘Saves’ Little Girl” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: The Dodo

The story of this dog and little girl may seem lighthearted, but it carries a profound message. It reminds us to appreciate the selflessness and boundless love our furry companions offer. The dog may not have rescued the little girl from a raging sea. However, in her eyes and in the hearts of her family, he had performed an act of heroism, one that celebrated the pure and unwavering spirit of a dog’s love.

YouTube video
“Dog ‘Saves’ Little Girl” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: The Dodo

Newfoundland Dog Characteristics

The Newfoundland is on the grass in the park. Image via Depositphotos

Newfoundland dogs, often referred to as Newfies, are a large and gentle breed known for their friendly nature and excellent water rescue abilities. Here are some key characteristics of Newfoundland dogs:

Strength and Water Rescue Abilities

These dogs have a powerful build and strong swimming ability. They are renowned for their water rescue skills and have saved many lives as water rescue dogs. Their webbed feet and dense coat make them excellent swimmers and able to work in cold water.


Newfoundland dog. Image via Pixabay

Newfoundland dogs are one of the larger dog breeds. Adult males typically stand 28-30 inches (71-76 cm) at the shoulder and weigh between 140-175 pounds (64-79 kg), while females are slightly smaller, standing 26-28 inches (66-71 cm) and weighing 100-120 pounds (45-54 kg).


Black Newfoundland Dog standing in the wild. Image via Depositphotos

Newfoundland dogs have a strong and robust build. They have a thick double coat that is water-resistant, which helps them stay warm even in cold water. Their coat can be black, brown, gray, or Landseer (black and white). They have expressive, sweet eyes and a gentle expression.


Newfoundland dog. Image via Pixabay

Newfoundland dogs are known for their gentle, kind, and sweet temperament. They are often described as “gentle giants.” Additionally, they are known for their patience, loyalty, and affectionate nature. Overall, Newfoundland dogs are excellent with children and make great family pets.

Wrapping Up

Newfoundland dog. Image via Pixabay

In the end, it was just another day at the beach, but for those who witnessed it, the memory of this courageous dogs ‘rescue’ from the ocean’s ankle-deep embrace will forever serve as a hilarious and heartwarming reminder of the extraordinary bonds we share with our beloved canine friends!


Newfoundland dog. Image via Pixabay

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