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Elephants Celebrate Halloween & Smash 1,200 Pounds of Pumpkin

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These Elephants smash 1,200 pounds worth of (giant) pumpkins – what better way is there to get into a spooky mood?

In this season of spookiness and fun, it seems it’s not just humans getting into the Halloween spirit. Elephants, too, as depicted in this heartwarming video, are joining in on the pumpkin-smashing spree. Other than that, we’re reminded of the childlike and inexplicable joy we can get from smashing things.

elephants smash giant pumpkins
©Oregon Zoo – YouTube

How Strong Are Elephants?

Elephants are among the strongest creatures roaming our Earth. They possess immense power, enabling them to uproot trees, carry logs, and in this case, smash pumpkins with ease. Despite their gentle and calm demeanor, elephants are capable of feats of strength – calling for immense respect.

Elephants Smash Pumpkins

YouTube video
©Oregon Zoo – YouTube

The video captures a beautiful moment at Oregon zoo, where elephants are presented with giant pumpkins to celebrate the coming of Halloween. These massive orange globes, symbolic of the holiday, don’t stand a chance against the elephants’ powerful and eager stomps. With each forceful step, the pumpkins crack open, revealing their juicy insides, much to the elephants’ delight.

More Than a Holiday: The Importance of Enrichment Activities at Zoos

Enrichment activities are vital for elephants at zoos, promoting mental and physical stimulation. At Oregon Zoo, as seen in the video, elephants engage in pumpkin smashing, an enriching experience that enhances their well-being.

Such activities stimulate natural behaviors, offering exercise and mental challenges, crucial for their holistic health. These activities are a testament to the zoo’s commitment to providing a stimulating and enriching environment, ensuring the elephants’ lives are dynamic and engaging.

Do Elephants Like Pumpkin?

It’s a question that tickles the curiosity – do these majestic creatures enjoy the taste of pumpkin? From the video, it’s a resounding yes! Elephants, with their diverse and opportunistic diet, seem to relish the sweet, succulent flesh of pumpkins. Each stomp unveils a feast, and the elephants, with evident enthusiasm, dive in.

Their Dexterous Trunks

In the video, the elephants’ dexterous trunks play a starring role.

These incredible appendages, containing over 150,000 muscle units, are as sensitive as they are strong.

The elephants skillfully use their trunks to explore, taste, and manipulate the broken pumpkins, showcasing a combination of power and finesse that is fascinating to witness.

Elephants Smash Pumpkins: Conclusion

YouTube video

As we prepare to embrace the spookiest time of the year, it’s delightful to see elephants joining the celebration in their own unique way. The video is a charming glimpse into the lives of these magnificent creatures, reminding us of their strength, dexterity, and perhaps, their fondness for smashing things they can eat.

Happy Halloween to humans and elephants alike! Thank you for reading these elephants that smash pumpkins!

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