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A Revolutionary Step Against Ending the Dog Meat Industry

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In a groundbreaking move, South Korea is on the brink of making history by introducing a new legislative bill – a first step to ending the brutal dog meat industry.

food stall selling dog meat

The dog meat industry, prevalent in several regions of Asia, is arguably one of the most severe companion animal welfare issues.

Over 30 million dogs are believed to be farmed, traded, and slaughtered for human consumption annually in Asia alone.

These dogs are often confined in small wire cages, deprived of basic necessities like food, water, and shelter.

In many Asian countries the theft of dogs by criminal gangs to meet the demand for dog meat is escalating.
dog captured for dog meat industry
Stolen pets, along with dogs collected from streets and rural areas, are transported to cities in overcrowded and filthy trucks, posing significant risks for the transmission of diseases like rabies.

Moreover, other than the ethical considerations, the dog meat industry presents grave public health concerns.

Many dogs in the trade, often captured or stolen, can carry rabies, posing a significant transmission risk. The World Health Organisation links dog meat consumption to a heightened risk of cholera. Numerous outbreaks in places like Vietnam are directly associated with the trade.

stray dogs
Stray or “community” dogs that roam the streets are frequently captured and sold to the dog meat trade.

Other ways that dogs are sourced for the dog meat industry:

  • Stolen Pets: In many countries with a prevalent dog meat trade, there’s a significant problem with pets being stolen from homes and gardens. These stolen pets often end up in the dog meat trade. It’s not uncommon to find dogs on trucks headed to slaughterhouses still wearing their collars.
  • Farm-Bred Dogs: In some countries, like South Korea, dogs are intensively farmed for the meat trade. These dogs are bred in captivity, often in deplorable conditions, specifically for human consumption.
  • Unsold Pets: Dogs raised for the pet trade but not sold as puppies might end up in the dog meat industry.
  • Abandoned Dogs: Dogs that are abandoned by their owners for various reasons can also fall prey to the dog meat trade.

Any dog, whether a purebred or a mixed breed, young or old, healthy or sick, can be captured and sold for meat.

dog meat industry

Dogs are often crammed so tightly in cages during transport that they suffer broken limbs and other injuries.

The methods of slaughter are equally brutal. Dogs are frequently beaten to death or thrown into boiling water while still conscious.

ending the dog meat industry
©Wikimedia – By Jo Schmaltz

This legislation is not just about animal welfare; it’s a reflection of the changing mindset of a nation.

A New Dawn: South Korea’s Historic Move To Ending the Dog Meat Industry

The nation’s Democratic Party Assembly Member, Jeoung-ae Han, has introduced a legislative bill. It is known as the Special Act, aiming to eradicate the dog meat industry.

Recent surveys reveal that a staggering 87.5% of the population either abstains from consuming dog meat or has no intention to in the future. Additionally, 56% are in favor of a legislative ban.

This bill, if passed, will outlaw the breeding and slaughter of dogs for human consumption. Also, it will prohibit dog meat farms, slaughterhouses, and the sale of dog meat throughout the country.

The bill proposes support for dog farmers, helping them transition to alternative businesses. If the bill is passed, financial support will be provided to legally registered dog farms to aid their closure or transition.

Ending the Dog Meat Industry: Conclusion

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In conclusion, South Korea’s move to ban the dog meat industry is a testament to the power of collective consciousness, activism, and the undying spirit of compassion.

t’s a reminder that change is possible. With continued efforts, a brighter future awaits not just for the dogs but for humanity as a whole.

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