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Escaped Pet Donkey Found ‘Living Best Life’ with Elk in California

Pet Donkey Found ‘Living Best Life’ with Elk
Photograph: @maxfennell via Instagram

From Pet to Wild Burro

Pet Donkey Found ‘Living Best Life’ with Elk
Diesel, right, as seen in 2018 — the year before he disappeared.(Courtesy Terrie and Dave Drewry via CNN Newsource)

A pet donkey named Diesel, missing for five years, has been discovered living among a herd of wild elk in California. His owners, Terrie and Dave Drewry, are both surprised and relieved to find him safe and thriving.

How Diesel Got Away

Pet Donkey Found ‘Living Best Life’ with Elk
Dave Drewry’s pet donkey, Diesel, disappeared in California five years ago, and he’s been spotted living with a herd of wild elk. (Courtesy Terrie and Dave Drewry via CNN Newsource)

Diesel’s adventure began in 2019 during a hiking trip near Clear Lake, California. Spooked by something unknown, Diesel bolted away from his owners and vanished into the wild.

The Long Wait

man serenades his donkey
Image via Pexels.

For weeks, the Drewrys and volunteers scoured the area, hoping to find Diesel. Despite their efforts, Diesel remained elusive, and the search was eventually called off.

The Trail Camera Photo

Pet Donkey Found ‘Living Best Life’ with Elk
Photograph: @maxfennell via Instagram

Several months after his disappearance, a trail camera captured an image of Diesel. This brief sighting provided a glimmer of hope but led to no further discoveries.

How Diesel Was Found

Image of a donkey via Unsplash.

Hiker Max Fennell stumbled upon a herd of wild elk earlier this month and noticed an unexpected companion among them – a donkey. He filmed the encounter and shared it on social media.

Diesel’s New Family

Donkey Laughs at Dog
Image via Unsplash

The video of Diesel living with the elk went viral. Terrie and Dave Drewry were astounded to see their long-lost pet living happily in the wild.

Thriving in the Wild

Photo by via Depositphotos

In the video, Diesel appeared “happy and healthy.” His integration into the elk herd suggested he had adapted well to his new life.

Letting Diesel Stay

Image by Ilo via Pixabay

Given Diesel’s apparent contentment and the challenges of capturing him, the Drewrys decided to let him remain with his new family in the wild.

Emotional Reunion

Donkey Laughs at Dog
Image via unsplash.

While relieved to know Diesel is safe, the Drewrys faced mixed emotions about leaving him in the wild. They found solace in his obvious happiness and well-being.

Diesel’s New Role

Photo by Ansgar Scheffold via Unsplash

Diesel has fully adapted to his life as a wild burro. His journey from domestic pet to a free-roaming burro highlights his resilience and ability to adapt.

Donkey and Elk Bond

pack of donkeys
Image by Mario Hagen via Pixabay

“It’s amazing how two completely different creatures can become each other’s family,” Mrs. Drewry said, reflecting on Diesel’s unusual companionship with the elk.

Diesel’s Future

Image via Unsplash.

Diesel is now about eight years old. Donkeys can live up to 40 years, indicating many more years of life alongside his elk companions.

The Drewrys’ New Pets

Image via Unsplash.

Since Diesel’s disappearance, the Drewrys have adopted new donkeys. They continue to cherish their current pets while holding fond memories of Diesel.

Support and Curiosity

man serenades his donkey
Image via Pexels.

The story of Diesel’s integration with the elk has captivated the local community and social media users, drawing widespread interest and support.

A Heartwarming Tale

Image of two donkeys via Unsplash

Diesel’s story has touched many, illustrating themes of resilience, adaptability, and the surprising bonds that can form in nature.

The Video

YouTube video
“Lost Donkey Seen With Herd of Elk” via Inside Edition, youtube.

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