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Friendly Mama Bear with Adorable Cubs Visits a Man on His Porch in North Carolina

bear visits man on porch
bear visits man on porch. Image by Patrick Conley via YouTube

This North Carolina man gets three visitors on his porch, but they’re fury and four-legged: it’s a mama bear and her three cubs who have come to visit. The average person would probably panic at the sight of a mama bear and her cubs on their property, but this man and bear go way back and already know each other quite well.

The Unexpected Visit

bear visits man on porch
Image by Patrick Conley via YouTube

A North Carolina resident had some unusual visitors on his porch—a mother bear and her two cubs.

The Bear Simone Is a Frequent Visitor

bear visits man on porch
Image by Patrick Conley via YouTube

Surprisingly enough, the man isn’t scared at all. This i because he knows this bear, along with the many bears in the area. They’ve all been tagged and named – this mama bear is called Simone.

Introducing the Newest Members of the Tribe

Image by Patrick Conley via YouTube

Just as the man is comfortable with the bear’s presence, the bear seems comfortable with the man. Seeing as she’s a frequent visitor on his porch, it may be that this mama bear is coming to introduce her two cubs to her human “friend”, maybe she’s even trying to teach her babies that humans aren’t scary?

Her First Litter of Cubs

bear visits man on porch
Image by Patrick Conley via YouTube

As this man is familiar with the bears in the area, he also happens to know that this is this bear’s first ever litter of cubs. Having followed her progress over many years, it makes it even more special for him to witness her being a mother for the first time.

What Do Bears Usually Eat?

Mother bear protects her three little puppies in the finnish taiga. Image via Depositphotos.

Bears are omnivores, with diets that can include fruits, nuts, insects, and small mammals. In suburban areas, they may be attracted to garbage, bird feeders, or pet food.

Are Bear Encounters Common?

black bear
Black bear. Image via Depositphotos

In many parts of the U.S., especially near wooded areas, bear encounters are becoming more common as their habitat overlaps with human settlements.

What Should I Do If I See a Bear?

Black Bear cub
Black bear cub. Image via Depositphotos

If you see a bear, stay calm, make yourself appear larger by raising your arms, and slowly back away while speaking in a calm, assertive voice.

How Fast Can Bears Run?

Grizzly bear. Image by Simon Hurry via Pexels.

Bears can surprisingly run up to 30 miles per hour, much faster than the fastest human. It’s best not to try to outrun a bear.

Are Bears Good Climbers?

Grizzly Bear. Image via Depositphotos.

Yes, most bear species are excellent climbers. Cubs especially climb trees often to escape perceived threats.

How Long Do Bears Live?

As apex predators, brown bears have few natural predators themselves. Image via Pexels

Wild bears typically live around 20-25 years, though this can vary by species and environmental factors.

When Do Bears Hibernate?

North American Grizzly Bear in snow at spring in Western Canada. Image via Depositphotos.

Bears usually hibernate in the colder months, from late fall to spring, depending on the local climate.

Can Bears Swim?

Grizzly Bear. Image via Depositphotos.

Yes, bears are strong swimmers. Species like the polar bear are particularly adapted to long-distance swimming.

How Many Types of Bears Are There?

Image via Depositphotos.

Globally, there are eight species of bears, including the American black bear, brown bear, polar bear, and others.

Do Bears Have Good Eyesight?

Image via Depositphotos.

Bears have good eyesight, similar to humans. However, they rely even more on their excellent sense of smell.

What Is a Bear’s Best Sense?

Image via Depositphotos.

A bear’s best sense is its smell—bears can detect food, mates, or danger from miles away, depending on the wind.

How Much Can a Bear Weigh?

Image via Depositphotos.

Depending on the species, adult bears can weigh between 100-1,000 pounds, with the largest being the polar bear.

What Times Are Bears Most Active?

Black Bear
Black bear cub. Image by Deposit Photos

Bears are usually most active during dawn and dusk, though they can be seen at any time of day.

Are Bears Solitary?

Grizzly bear in typical landscape of tundra in Denali NP, Alaska, US. Image by Roussien on Depositphotos

Most bear species are solitary and only come together during mating season or when a mother is raising her cubs.

How Do Bears Communicate?

Most Bear-Infested Forests
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) swimming in a river.
Image via Depositphotos

Bears communicate through vocalizations, body language, and marking trees or the ground with their claws and scent.

What Role Do Bears Play in the Ecosystem?

brown bear cub
By Kandukuru Nagarjun from Bangalore, India – Bear cub wades, CC BY 2.0,

Bears help maintain the health of ecosystems by controlling the populations of several other species and spreading seeds through their droppings.

Are Bears a Protected Species?

Momma Bear Tosses Cub
Image via Depositphotos

Many bear species are protected under various conservation laws to prevent overhunting and preserve their habitats.

Bear Visits Man on Porch: Conclusion

Image via Depositphotos

Although you should definitively not try and get this close to bears yourself – and if a bear does enter your property immediately alert local wildlife authorities and stay inside. But in this case, it’s fascinating to see how this man lives in symbiosis with the area’s population of bears.

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