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German Shepherd Swims with Dolphins

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When it comes to the unlikeliest duo to see in the ocean, a German shepherd and dolphins are probably one of the most bizarre pairings. But, just over a decade ago, keen fisherman and ocean explorer Brian Dunham, who has racked up millions of YouTube views, was startled when his fearless dog, named Maverick, who was initially intrigued by the underwater creatures before deciding to take the plunge and meet them in the deep blue waters.   

Credit: Brian Dunham

Are German Shepherds Good Swimmers?

Although dogs aren’t notorious for their swimming abilities – some love it, while others don’t – German shepherds are regarded as one of the strongest swimmers, thanks to their strong legs allowing them to glide through the water with speed and ease. 

Known to be courageous, police utilize German shepherds, as well as the Secret Service and the military, for acts like bomb sniffing, patrolling, and search and rescue. In contrast, farmers take advantage of their tracking, herding, and aiding abilities, which often entails swimming through lakes, rivers, and streams. 

Resilient and daring, German Shepherds have been at the forefront of these roles for years.

Watch: Dog Joins Dolphins in The Ocean:

The video below showcases the series of events and judging by the reaction of Brian Dunham, these stints are nothing new to Maverick. 

YouTube video
Credit: Brian Dunham

Similarities Between German Shepherds and Dolphins

You probably weren’t expecting to learn about the Similarities Between German Shepherds and Dolphins today, but here we go.

pack of Old German Shepherd Dogs running on the meadow

Commonly known for their sociable nature, dolphins aren’t the only animals with remarkable social traits. In the world of canines, German Shepherds stand out not only for their loyalty and protective instincts but also for their deep bond with human companions. While their reputation for courage and guarding capabilities precedes them, German Shepherds possess a natural inclination for sociability and companionship, making them a multifaceted and beloved breed.

Dolphins and Socializing

Dolphins are renowned for their rich social lives, displaying complex and fascinating behaviors in the world’s oceans. They form tight-knit, cooperative groups known as pods, consisting of a few individuals or several hundred, depending on the species. Within these pods, dolphins engage in a wide range of social activities. They communicate through sophisticated clicks, whistles, and body language, allowing them to coordinate hunting, play, and even express emotions. These brilliant creatures also demonstrate empathy and teamwork, often coming to the aid of injured or distressed pod members. Their social bonds contribute to their adaptability and survival in the dynamic marine environment.

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