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Golden Retriever Fishes For His Mom

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Dogs are truly amazing creatures, capable of various incredible feats. In this case, a Golden Retriever lives up to his name by “retrieving” some seafood for his owner.

Meet Drake: The Golden Retriever Fishing Pro

TikTok user Madison, known as @drakethepupstar, posted a video in which her Golden Retriever, Drake, showcases his incredible fishing abilities. In the 10-second video, we witness Drake engaging exuberantly in this impressive activity.

The Golden Retriever’s Fishing Adventure

Drake is in the water, gracefully diving down, although his purpose beneath the surface remains somewhat mysterious. However, when he resurfaces and returns to his mother, who is capturing the moment on camera, he has a surprising catch in his mouth – a clam!

The video then transitions to Madison enjoying her meal, a dinner laden with clams, most likely harvested by her canine companion, who sits beside her at the dining table.

Golden Retrievers and Their Love for Swimming

In the comment section, viewers laud the clever pup for his helpful nature and impressive fishing feat. One person emphasizes the breed’s name by stating, “He is a Golden RETRIEVER.” Another viewer acknowledges the dog’s culinary contribution by saying, “He puts food on the table.

This adorable display of canine skills leaves an impression on those contemplating pet ownership. As one comment reads, “This is why I want a Golden Retriever,” highlighting their charm and multifaceted talents. Another individual humorously contrasts their own dog’s behavior with, “He contributed, unlike my dog, who only eats and tells me when to open the door for him to go do his business.

Why Golden Retrievers Make Amazing Companions

Golden Retrievers are renowned for their affinity for swimming. This breed’s history, combined with physical attributes like water-resistant coats and webbed paws, makes them particularly adept swimmers. It seems that a natural inclination for swimming is instilled in them. Swimming is not only a great way for Golden Retrievers to expend excess energy but also to keep cool in the process.


I believe Drake felt like a real good boy after providing dinner for his mother. Dog truly is man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

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