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Watch: Gorilla Fights His Reflection

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In the vast tapestry of animal behavior, there are moments that both amuse and educate us. A recent video captures one such intriguing instance: a gorilla ready to fight an intruder, only to realize it’s his reflection.

Gorilla Fights His Reflection
Credit: Anne-Marie et al.

A Mirror in the Jungle

The video starts in a lush jungle setting, where our gorilla protagonist stumbles upon a mirror placed amidst the foliage. Curious and perhaps a bit wary, the gorilla approaches the mirror only to see another gorilla staring back.

The Challenge

Mistaking his reflection for another gorilla, our protagonist displays a range of emotions. From initial curiosity, the mood quickly shifts to aggression. The gorilla beats his chest, makes vocal challenges, and even tries physical confrontation, all in an attempt to assert dominance over this “intruder.”

The Dance of Dominance

Gorillas, by nature, are territorial creatures. The video provides a fascinating insight into their behavior when they perceive a threat to their dominance. Every move and sound is a part of a complex dance aimed at establishing hierarchy.

A Moment of Realization

As the video progresses, there’s a subtle shift in the gorilla’s demeanor. The initial aggression gives way to confusion and perhaps a hint of realization. The mirror, an alien object in the jungle, becomes a self-awareness tool, even momentarily.


YouTube video

The video of the gorilla confronting his reflection is more than just an amusing clip. It offers a window into the complex cognitive processes of these majestic creatures. Further, it reminds us of the thin line between perception and reality and the profound moments of self-awareness that can arise from the simplest of encounters.

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