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Giant Gorilla Surprises Photographer 

Gorilla Surprises Photographer

In the dense jungles, where every rustle and chirp tells a story, a photographer recently experienced a moment that left him and the world in awe.

A video of this incredible encounter showcases a massive gorilla walking past and surprises a photographer, coming so close that they almost touched.

A Jungle’s Silent Majesty

Image by Expedite Wildlife Tours via YouTube

The video starts with the photographer, engrossed in his work, capturing the beauty of the jungle. The ambient sounds of the forest create a serene backdrop. But soon, this tranquility is interrupted by the soft thudding of approaching footsteps.

The King Approaches

Image by Expedite Wildlife Tours via YouTube

Emerging from the dense foliage is a majestic gorilla, its size and presence commanding immediate attention. The gorilla, seemingly undeterred by the human presence, continues its path, walking ever closer to the photographer.

A Moment Suspended in Time

Gorilla Surprises Photographer
Image by Expedite Wildlife Tours via YouTube

As the gorilla nears, the world seems to stand still. The photographer, realizing the proximity of this magnificent creature, remains motionless, his eyes wide in disbelief. The gorilla, displaying an air of calm authority, walks past him, their proximity so close that they almost touch.

Nature’s Gentle Giant

Image by Expedite Wildlife Tours via YouTube

Despite its imposing size, the gorilla’s demeanor is calm and composed. At the end, it even seems like the gorilla is posing for the camera.

YouTube video
Youtube / expeditewildlifetours6608

Hierarchical Structure

gorilla pets groundhog
Gorillas live in tight-knit family groups led by a dominant silverback male, who protects and guides the troop. Image by Paula Robinson via Unsplash

Gorilla groups, known as troops, are typically led by a dominant male called a silverback. The silverback is responsible for making decisions, mediating conflicts, and protecting the group from threats.

Family Units

Group of mountain gorillas. Image via Depositphotos

Gorilla troops usually consist of one silverback, multiple females, and their offspring. Some groups may also include subordinate males, known as blackbacks, who may eventually leave to form their own groups.

Strong Social Bonds

Mountain gorilla deep in the Ugandan jungle – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Image via Depositphotos

Gorillas form strong social bonds within their groups. Grooming is a common activity that helps strengthen these bonds, maintain hygiene, and provide comfort. Mothers and their offspring share particularly close relationships.


Mountain gorilla. Image via Depositphotos

Gorillas use a variety of vocalizations, body postures, and facial expressions to communicate with each other. These signals help convey information about social status, intentions, and emotions. Common vocalizations include hoots, grunts, and chest beats.

Conflict and Resolution

David Atkins via Pexels

While conflicts can arise within gorilla groups, they are often resolved through displays of strength and intimidation rather than physical fights. The silverback may use his size and strength to assert dominance and maintain order. Subordinate gorillas usually submit to avoid confrontation.


endangered mountain gorilla
Image by Leila Boujnane via Unsplash

The video of the gorilla’s close encounter with the photographer is a testament to the animal kingdom’s beauty, power, and gentleness. It serves as a reminder of the incredible experiences that await those who venture into the heart of nature, respecting its inhabitants and marveling at its wonders.

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Monday 11th of September 2023

Gorillas 🦍 are such amazing animals, like any large animal they can be gentle or violent, I remember watching gorillas in the mist film, so sad what happened and what they do, and done to the person who tried protecting them, the actress Sigourny Weaver was great in the movie, if you haven watched it yet, you really need to look it up and watch.

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