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Incredible Drone Footage Captures Massive Herd of 1,000 Sheep on the Move

- "Incredible Drone Footage Captures Massive Herd of 1,000 Sheep on the Move"
- "Incredible Drone Footage Captures Massive Herd of 1,000 Sheep on the Move". Image by LIOR PATEL.

Join us as we discover the incredible story behind the drone footage of over 1000 sheep on the move.

Months of Dedication

– “Incredible Drone Footage Captures Massive Herd of 1,000 Sheep on the Move”. Image by LIOR PATEL.

A photographer has spent months capturing amazing aerial shots of sheep as a herd of more than a thousand strong migrates across the land.

Lior Patel’s Unique Project

– “Incredible Drone Footage Captures Massive Herd of 1,000 Sheep on the Move”. Image by LIOR PATEL.

Lior Patel, from Israel, works as a full-time commercial photographer and decided to focus on the farmyard animal for his latest project.

Taking on an Epic Challenge

sheep/flock of sheep in Hamburg-Moorwerder. Image via KaiBorgeest, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The 42-year-old told Newsweek he’d photographed smaller flocks before but decided to take on the epic challenge of following a herd of up to 1,700 sheep.

Seven Months of Following the Flock

Faroese sheep with the town of Sumba in the background. Image via kallerna, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Patel spent the last seven months following the animals as they migrated from their winter to summer pastures across Yokneam in northern Israel.

The Initial Spark

Worlds Worst Sheepdog
Image generated via DALLE-E by Linnea for AATG.

Patel explained: “I had shot smaller flocks of sheep in the past just for fun. I saw the motion and knew that if I could locate a large flock, it would be a fantastic opportunity to dig deeper into this subject.”

Connecting with Farmers

Sierra Nevada Bighorn
Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep By PantherMediaSeller via Depositphotos

“I contacted several farmers, asking for a lead, and got the flock’s owner’s number. He invited me to be with them for as long as I wanted (we both didn’t think it’d drag for seven months).”

Creating a Time-Lapse Video

portrait of a sheep
A curious sheep investigating.

Image via Pixabay

Left with hours and hours of footage, Patel decided to create a short time-lapse video of the flock to share online, which has since blown up.

Sharing the Journey

sheep being herded seen from the sky
©Caters Clips – YouTube

Sharing the footage to his Instagram page in June, he said: “Sheep in fast motion. For the past seven months, I have been following a large herd of sheep, from winter pasture to the movement and arrival at the summer pasture.”

The Herd’s Impressive Movement

Image by Andrea Lightfoot via Unsplash

Explaining more about the background to the filming, Patel said: “Already in my first encounter with the herd, I was really addicted to the impressive movement of the sheep.

Understanding Herd Elasticity

dog herding sheep

“The first challenge is to understand the elasticity of the herd during movement, its dispersal during grazing, and how it converges into one tight pack towards exit/return from pasture and crossing roads and paths.”

Filming Techniques

flock of sheep on mountain

“When it comes to this specific work, due to the unpredictable elasticity of the herd structure during movement, I think it was right to let the sheep show the movement when the camera is relatively fixed in place (in the air) for about 4-7 minutes per shot (before accelerating in post).”

Fixed Camera Positions

sheep being herded seen from the sky
©Caters Clips – YouTube

“Apart from the opening shot with a complex camera movement following the herd’s exit to the winter pasture, the rest of the shots are based on a ‘fixed’ camera position in the air.”

Equipment Used


Patel used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 for the project, as he praised the farmers and helpers, Keith Markov, Michael Morgan, Mustafa Tabash, Mahmoud Kaabiyah, Dan Goldfinger, and Eyal, for allowing him to capture the animals in a way few have ever seen.

The Role of Herding Dogs

border collie sheep
Border collie with their sheep. Image by Veronica White via Unsplash

“Mustafa and his family, with the help of the herding dogs, manage the flock’s movement in an exemplary and fascinating way.”

Seasonal Migration

Scottish terrier trying to herd sheep. Image by dogorcatlover on Instagram.

“The transition from winter pasture to summer pasture stems from the need to supplement the herd’s diet in the absence of green grass during the dry season and hot months and to provide them with adequate shelter during the summer.”

Impressive Movements

“The entire herd relocates in impressive movement along 5-7 kilometers from the Peace Valley to the outskirts of Ramot Menashe.”

Shepherd’s Hospitality

Geep. Judgefloro, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

“Thanks to the impressive hospitality of the shepherd and his family, who made every effort to explain the expected movements and how the herd behaved in the pasture, I came up with a general plan.”

Documenting the Migration

dog crashes car
Sheepdog. Image via Unsplash.

The plan matured at the end of a process as a documentation of the herd moving from the green winter pasture towards the more convenient summer pasture location as the fields turned yellow.

Capturing the Journey

Flock of sheep grazing beneath a tree on fresh spring meadow. Image via Deposit Photos.

The project also included the movement within Yokneam (the colony) main road towards the shearing of the wool, creating a comprehensive visual record of the herd’s migration.

Bottom Line

flock of sheep on mountain

Lior Patel’s dedication and innovative approach to capturing the migration of a large flock of sheep have resulted in stunning aerial footage. This aerial footage offers a unique perspective on this age-old agricultural practice. His work not only showcases the beauty and complexity of the herd’s movement but also highlights the intricate relationship between the shepherds, their dogs, and the landscape they traverse. Through his lens, we gain a deeper appreciation for the art of herding. As well as the seasonal rhythms that shape the lives of these animals.

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