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India’s Oldest Elephant Dies At 89

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Due to age-related issues, Bijuli Prasad breathed his last at the Behali tea estate of The Williamson Magor Group around 3:30 a.m.

89 year old elephant

YouTube / HornbillTV

The majestic 89-year-old Asiatic elephant, recorded as the world’s oldest elephant, passed away due to age-related issues. Individuals who were connected with the elephant, ranging from animal enthusiasts and tea garden laborers to local residents, assembled to commemorate the loss of the magnificent giant creature.

Bijduli Prasad represented a source of pride for The Williamson Magor Group, starting his journey at the Bargang tea estate as a young calf before the company’s sale of the Bargang estate led to his relocation to the Behali tea estate.

Wild Asiatic elephants typically have a lifespan of 62-65 years, whereas their domestic counterparts can live up to approximately 80 years when provided with adequate care.

Around 8-10 years ago, Bijuli Prasad encountered a critical situation where he lost all his teeth, leaving him unable to consume sustenance and approaching the brink of death. Dr Sarma intervened at that point, overhauling its diet entirely. Dr Sarma replaced its usual fare with predominantly boiled food such as protein-rich rice and soybean. This dietary adjustment significantly contributed to its extended lifespan.

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The Oldest Asiatic Living Elephant

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