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Watch Leopard in Action While Black Mamba is Wrapped Around Eagle (Video)

Eagle and black mamba with leopard face off, Illustration by Chris with DALLE
Eagle and black mamba with leopard face off, Illustration by Chris with DALLE

The rules of nature are harsh and unpredictable! Anything goes, and a predator can become the prey in the wink of an eye.

In this instance, an eagle falls victim to its own prey, a black mamba, before a curious leopard unintentionally saves the eagle’s life.

Are Black Mambas Constricting Their Prey?

Contrary to popular belief, Black Mambas are not constrictors. While the video depicts the mamba wrapping around the eagle, this action is more defensive than predatory. Black Mambas, primarily known for their potent neurotoxic venom, strike their prey and wait for the venom to take effect.

This makes it probable that the eagle initially attempted to prey on it, making the black mamba’s action a question of self-defense rather than attack.

Eagles and Leopards: Friends or Enemies?

In the wild, the relationship between eagles and leopards is not typically adversarial. Eagles, being birds of prey, do not usually intersect with leopards, who are terrestrial hunters.

However, in situations where food is scarce or opportunities arise, as seen in the video, these powerful creatures may cross paths. The interaction is more a matter of circumstance than a regular occurrence – but when it comes to survival, anything can happen.

The Leopard’s Intent: Rescue or Opportunism?

leopard saves eagle
©Pieter Dannhauser – YouTube

The video raises a fascinating question: was the leopard attempting to save the eagle or seize an opportunity for an easy meal?

Leopards are known for their opportunistic hunting behavior. In this instance, the leopard’s approach towards the entangled eagle and mamba could be interpreted as a curious inspection. Likewise, it could be a calculated move to get its paws on an easy snack.

What do you think? Is this leopard hungry or just curious?

Nature’s Food Web and Its Intricacies

This incident points to the highly interconnected food web in the wild. The interaction between the leopard, eagle, and mamba is a stark reminder of the survival challenges animals face daily.

Each species plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance, and strange three-way encounters like this illustrate that anything goes in nature’s sometimes brutal food web.

Leopard Saves Eagle: Conclusion


This odd threeway displays the raw beauty and harsh realities of nature. Every encounter can lead to unexpected outcomes. This remarkable sighting not only captivates but also educates, offering a rare insight into the lives of some of the most fascinating creatures on our planet.

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Sunday 17th of December 2023

Yep, looked like it was dead and Leopard was going to eat it


Wednesday 6th of December 2023

I thought the leopard was supposed to save the eagle? The eagle looked dead and didn't move. What the h.e.double toothpicks?

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