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Lion Shows Off But Fails Caught on Camera

lion tries to look cool

Have you ever seen a lion trying too hard to look cool but instead failing? Well – look no further!

The lion is the king of the jungle, which we can definitely see in this guy’s confident steps – he knows he’s being admired! But even the best of us trip and fall from time to time.

Read to the end to watch the video!

Bonds Between Big Cats

lioness drinking water
Lioness at a watering hole. Image by Birger Strahl via Unsplash

A touching aspect of the video is the reaction of the other lion. As his companion struggles in the water, he paces alongside, never letting him out of sight. This behavior illustrates the strong social bonds that exist among lions, particularly males in a coalition. These bonds are crucial for survival in the wild, aiding in hunting and defending territory.

Bromance Between Lions

two male lions
Two male lions. William Warby from London, England, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Male lions, known for their social nature, especially within their pride, exhibit various behaviors that signify affection between each other. These behaviors are particularly noticeable in related male lions that live and work together:

  • Head Rubbing: Male lions greet and bond by rubbing heads and faces together.
  • Grooming: They lick and groom each other as a sign of care and to strengthen social ties.
  • Resting Together: Lions often sleep close to or in contact with each other, indicating trust.
  • Vocalizing: Soft growls or moans among male lions can signify affection and maintain contact.
  • Shared Duties: Cooperating in hunting and territory defense shows trust and camaraderie.
  • Playfulness: Engaging in light wrestling and playful behavior helps maintain social bonds.

Are Lions Good Swimmers?

Lion via Depositphotos.

Contrary to popular belief, lions are capable swimmers, though they don’t often choose to swim unless necessary. In the wild, lions have been observed crossing rivers or streams, especially in pursuit of prey or when migrating.

Their swimming skills may not match those of other big cats like tigers, but they are certainly adept enough to handle unexpected plunges like the one seen in the video.

Cats and Their Hate for Water – A Myth?

Lion via Depositphotos.

It’s a common belief that cats despise water, but this isn’t entirely true.

While many domestic cats might shy away from water, several larger feline species, including lions, do not have an inherent aversion to it. In fact, lions in the wild have been known to enter water bodies, primarily for hunting or crossing purposes. This incident highlights that even though lions might not seek out water, they can manage when they encounter it.

The King’s Recovery

Lion via Depositphotos.

Post-immersion, the drenched lion’s efforts to climb back onto dry land are both amusing and impressive. His powerful limbs, built more for strength than elegance in water, flail momentarily before he manages to regain his composure. Once on land, he shakes off the water, his demeanor quickly shifting back to the confident king of the jungle.

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Powerful Roar

Lion via Depositphotos.

The lion’s roar is the loudest of all big cats, used to communicate with pride members and warn off rivals.

Cubs and Reproduction

Lion via Depositphotos.

Lionesses give birth to 1-4 cubs after a gestation period of about 110 days. Cubs are born blind and rely on their mother for protection and nourishment.

Threats and Conservation

Lion via Depositphotos.

Lions face numerous threats, including habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, and poaching. Conservation efforts are critical to ensuring their survival.


Lion via Depositphotos.

Lions can adapt to a variety of habitats, from savannas and grasslands to open woodlands. However, they are not typically found in dense forests or deserts.


Lion via Depositphotos.

Lions use a variety of vocalizations, body language, and scent markings to communicate with each other. Their social bonds are reinforced through grooming and head rubbing.

Resting Habits

Lion via Depositphotos.

Lions are known for their laziness, spending up to 20 hours a day resting or sleeping. This conserves energy for hunting and patrolling their territory.

Historical and Cultural Significance

Lion via Depositphotos.

Lions have been symbols of power, courage, and nobility throughout history. They appear in numerous cultures, myths, and heraldic emblems around the world.

Current Population

Lion via Depositphotos.

The global population of lions is declining, with an estimated 20,000-25,000 individuals remaining in the wild. Conservation efforts aim to protect these majestic animals and their habitats for future generations.


YouTube video
Smart lion falls into water, YouTube, thinest1006

This lion’s tumble and accidental swim remind us that we can’t always look our best. This lion gets back up with exactly the same amount of confidence as before his fall – teaching us to not let our mistakes get to us, no matter how silly.

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