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Listen To Baby Seal Call For Mom

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Watch a special video of a harp baby seal calling out for it’s mom. In this article, you’ll see and learn about the touching moment when the little seal looks for its mom. Dive deeper to uncover the fascinating world of these adorable marine creatures and their unique sounds.

Baby Harp Seal Calls for Mom

The Melodic Cries of Seal Pups

The video shows us the captivating noises made by these seal pups, especially during their weaning phase. These sounds range from gasp-like utterances to gentle gurgling, and they’ve managed to melt millions of online viewers.

Harp Seals

Harp seals are not just vocal as pups; they have a rich repertoire of sounds throughout their lives. During their early days, pups communicate using a distinctive “maa” sound, which gradually fades as they grow older. Adult seals, especially males, use underwater vocalizations, akin to a “roar”, to attract potential mates and establish their territory. One of the most touching aspects of their communication is the mother-pup contact calls, ensuring they remain connected even from a distance.

A Gentle Reminder

Baby Harp Seal Calls for Mom

While this video and story evoke a deep sense of affection and a desire to get closer to these adorable creatures, it’s essential to remember the boundaries. The Marine Mammal Protection Act emphasizes that it’s illegal to touch or harass seals in the U.S. Often, mother seals leave their pups on the shore while they forage. Disturbing these pups can lead to mothers abandoning them, a risk we certainly don’t want to take.

Listen to Baby Seal Call for Mom

YouTube video

Seals Beyond the Screen

For those who’ve been enchanted by this seal pup and wish to see more, the Marine Mammal Rescue offers a closer look through their Twitch account, live-streaming from their rescue enclosure. It’s a chance to witness these magnificent creatures in their element, without any disturbance.

The Bottomline of Baby’s Call for Mom

The melodic calls of baby seals, combined with their innocent demeanour, not only provide a soothing experience for listeners but also stresses the importance of coexisting with these creatures, respecting their space, and ensuring their safety.

What do you think about this cute baby seal calling for it’s mom? Leave a comment below.

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