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This Man That Gets Up At 4 a.m. to Feed 4000 Parakeets Daily

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This man shows us what it means to be a bird lover: he gets up at 4 a.m. every single day to feed 4000 Parakeets.

man feeds 4000 parakeets every day

In the bustling city of Chennai, a camera repairer named Sekar has earned the title of India’s “Birdman.” For the past decade, Sekar has been feeding thousands of wild parakeets twice a day, dedicating 40% of his income to their sustenance. This heartwarming tale unveils the man’s unwavering commitment to these beautiful creatures.

The Beginning

About 25 years ago, Sekar moved to Chennai and established his camera repair business. He had always been kind to the local wildlife, feeding sparrows, crows, and squirrels. However, his life took a turn when two parakeets arrived at his house after a tsunami struck Chennai ten years ago.

Man Feeds 4000 Parakeets: The Video

YouTube video

From the arrival of the initial two, the numbers have swelled immensely. Every day, Sekar wakes up at 4 AM to prepare food for the birds, who grace his abode by six o’clock. The sky, painted with the vibrant greens of the parakeets, tells a story of a unique bond between man and bird.

The Birdman of Chennai

Sekar’s dedication goes beyond just feeding; he nurses injured birds back to health. His reputation as the Birdman has overshadowed his camera repair business.

Each bird, with its fluttering wings, attests to Sekar’s unwavering commitment and kindness.

A Labor of Love

Feeding the parakeets is not just a pastime for Sekar; it’s a labor of love. He spends a significant portion of his income ensuring that the birds are well-fed. Every chirp and flutter is a testament to a decade-long relationship built on care and affection.

Rising with the Sun

The break of dawn sees Sekar preparing for his feathery friends’ arrival. With the first rays of the sun, thousands of parakeets descend upon his home. It’s a spectacle of nature meeting nurture, a dance of feathers swirling in the morning light.

Facing the Challenges

As Sekar ages, the physical demands of caring for the birds intensify. Yet, his commitment remains unshaken. Each day, as the sun rises, so does the Birdman of Chennai, ready to embrace the flock with open arms and a heart full of love.

Man Feeds 4000 Parakeets: Conclusion

YouTube video

Sekar’s story is a testament to the profound connections that can exist between humans and animals. In a world often marred by indifference, the Birdman of Chennai stands as a beacon of compassion and unity. Every sunrise that witnesses the flight of the parakeets narrates an unwavering tale of love, commitment, and the beautiful symphony of man and nature coexisting in harmony.

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