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Top 10 Multi-day Horseback treks

Whether you’re exploring ancient trails in Peru, blazing a trail along virgin desert plains of the Sahara Desert in Tunisia, immersing yourself in the local cultures of Lesotho or riding past the geological wonders of glaciers and volcanoes in Iceland.

Multi-day horseback treks offer exhilarating and environmentally sustainable ways to explore some of the world’s most incredible landscapes.

Top 10 horseback treks

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More than just a holiday

The benefits of being on Horseback

How to prepare for multi-day treks on Horseback

Top 10 Multi-day Horseback treks

More than just a holiday

If you are like me, you won’t be satisfied with just any old adventure or trip. You might be searching for something that deeply immerses you in nature, or an escape to a landscape of solitude, or even an expedition that allows you to dive into the culture and local traditions of the area you are exploring.

Multi-day horseback treks offer more intimate way of experiencing the wild

Our list of Top 10 Multi-day Horseback treks has combined and listed the best experiences from all over the world that will allow for deep immersion into nature. Going on a horseback trek offers unique experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. An experience like no other!

Multi-day Horseback treks allow the riders to head off the beaten track, to go places only a 4-legged equid can go. Horses are bred to be able to traverse the rugged environments you will be exploring. They are naturally sure-footed and at ease covering terrain on which a less sturdy animal would struggle, and where it would likely be impossible to reach by car.

While some multi-day treks on horseback are for more advanced riders, others offer experiences for novice riders. This can possibly open up a whole new world of adventure and exploration for those who are not fond of multi-day hikes or walking expeditions.

Encounter the untamed wildlife of the world around you from the safety and comfort of your horse’s back. A distinct advantage of this unique way to travel over journeying on foot is that you are on a mobile viewing platform! See the world from a new vantage point on one of these multi-day horseback treks.

An expedition into the local culture

We have combined this list of Top 10 Multi-day Horseback treks that are reminiscent of the days before modern transport so that you can go on journeys through villages and landscapes where you are transported back in time. 

Meet the local people of Lesotho on a horseback trek

Immerse yourself into local cultures that offer unique and beautiful ways of living, while learning more about the traditions and history of the places you are visiting. Experience life from a new perspective, learn via immersion and walk out of this adventure a new, more mindful person.

The benefits of being on Horseback

Apart from the unique travel experience and vantage point, horseback riding is also renowned for its benefits to our physical and mental health, as stated by Health Fitness Revolution and health and fitness expert Samir Becic. 

Enjoy the multitude of benefits that come from being on a horseback trek

Horseback riding can also be a great stress reliever. After all, when you are out in nature – just you and your horse and nothing to think about but keeping your balance and guiding your equine companion over rugged terrain – everything else can just melt away.

The bond between man and animal grows strong on multi-day treks. Horses are sensitive to our emotions, and they react to our energy levels and body language. Over the few days of traveling by horseback, you will work together with your steady, reliable companion and form a bond that transcends species.

How to prepare for multi-day treks on Horseback

So you have booked your trip. You are bouncing with excitement to spend all day in the saddle for a few days!  But maybe you haven’t ridden in a few years, or haven’t at all and you’re not sure how to start preparing for this new adventure? Don’t fret, we have some tips for you!

Our list combines Horseback treks for all abilities, but for most multi-day horseback treks an intermediate or at least some horseback experience is encouraged. The preparation will of course depend on the length of your trip, the terrain you’ll be going over, your existing experience and how many hours per day you’ll be in the saddle. The following information is here to help you prepare for your adventure so you can make the most of every minute:

  1. Trip selection 

See our amazing selection below to help find the best trip for your needs! Our list of Top 10 Multi-day Horseback treks is carefully curated to give a wide variety of choices of the best adventures you can choose from. 

  1. Equipment provided

After you have selected your trip, you have a better idea of how to prepare. Make sure you know exactly what is provided on your trek in order to avoid over- or under-packing! There’s nothing quite so bad as being under prepared for outdoor expeditions, or ending up having to carry too much unnecessary gear. 

If the information is not clearly provided on the website, contact the trip provider to get clear information about what you should pack.

  1. Your equipment

Depending on the type of trip you choose, as well as the weather conditions and the places you will be sleeping overnight, there will be a large diversity of gear you may need to pack. Just remember, this will not be an environment where you should be worried about the luxuries in life. Use this opportunity to appreciate the wilderness and take the challenge to see how many of your gadgets and luxury items you can leave behind for a few days.

One of the items I will never be without, and one that you will definitely want to bring along on your horseback trek, is a camera (and a waterproof covering). If you and your horse will be traveling without saddlebags, invest in a waist pouch before the tour. This will be much more comfortable and provide easier access to water, snacks, and your camera than a backpack would. 

Bring a spare memory card for your camera unless your regular one has high capacity. Don’t underestimate the number of photos you will be taking during the trip – the scenery is sure to be spectacular! A pair of pocket-binoculars would also be a good idea if you would like a more detailed view of birds and wildlife that you will encounter. 

Lightweight, comfortable clothing that can be worn in layers is also advised. And remember the all-important waterproof and wind resistant outer layer. 

  1. Preparatory lessons and fitness

If you are sticking to novice Horseback treks you should be fine with just a few introductory lessons in order to feel comfortable on your upcoming trip. However, in order to thoroughly enjoy your horse trek it pays to be prepared and to know what to expect on a multi day horse riding experience.

If you are looking at more advanced trails you might need to up your game. Some multi-day horseback treks can be physically demanding. The best way to prepare for your trek is to do plenty of physical exercise as far in advance as possible with the aim of being properly riding fit when your holiday comes around. Walking, cycling, running, swimming, are all good exercises to help strengthen your muscles and cardio system in preparation for your horseback trek.

Preparatory horse riding lessons will give you much more confidence when mounted on an unknown horse at the start of your trek. You should be comfortable walking and trotting at the very least and – depending on your trip requirements – you may also need to master cantering, galloping, and even jumping.

Hidden trails provides an in-depth list of exercises you can do to prepare for your trip, an overview of how to treat your horse in order to ensure safe riding, as well as riding etiquette on the trail. Consider this PDF provided by Adventure Horse Trekking that provides an overview of safety guidelines while riding. 

  1. Immerse yourself in nature

Last, but not least, have fun! Enjoy this escape into the wild. Accept that there might be some setbacks, and try to make the most of the experience. Multi-day horseback treks will give you a unique perspective and experience. 

Top 10 Multi-day Horseback treks

You might not have the resources to go overseas, but there is a horse-trek opportunity on basically every continent! Here are our top picks for the best multi-day treks on Horseback:

  1. Thailand 

Thailand offers an unforgettable tropical landscape. Here you can trek through the jungles and the mountains of the Southern Himalayas, follow trails of old nomadic tribes into their remote villages and experience an exotic holiday like no other.

Thailand Horse on forest trials Top 10 Multi-day Horseback treks

While on horseback you can travel to scenic viewpoints that offers you a view over sapphire blue waters, visit fascinating hill tribes, trek through impossibly green valleys and conquer some of the highest peaks in the country. 

The horseback treks curated by The Thai Horse Farm in the Sri Lanna National Park of Northern Thailand provides a mix of treks that offer relaxation, adventure and exercise in their exotic natural environment. 

For their tours they use Asian Mountain Horses, a breed common throughout the Himalaya region that is renowned for their sure-footedness and stamina in mountainous areas. The groups are kept small and intimate (max 4 people) and you have the opportunity to meet people from the Hill Tribes and be exposed to a completely different culture and way of living. 

The Thai Horse Farm lives by the ethos that nothing is impossible, and they will personally work with you to create a trek that suits your needs.

  1. Spain

Spain is understandably one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.  It has rich cultural traditions, castles straight out of fairy tales, flamenco dancers, soulful folk songs, gastronomic delights, excellent climate and is considered safe for travelers.

Horse riding at sunset in Spain on multi-day horseback trek

From winter wonderlands to coastal paradise, Andalucía is the perfect place to enjoy the adrenaline rush of a flat-out gallop along a long stretch of beach, canter through pinewoods along the coast, or explore picturesque medieval castles and traverse ancient, walled towns.

Far and Ride offers a unique trekking center based in the heart of Andalucia, Spain. Although they are set in a remote location, the center has easy access to Lanjaron – a spa town that is famous for its water springs in the hills! This is a beautiful area of Spain, where you will follow secret trails, explore the history and culture of Spain and experience the natural landscapes and the countryside.

On the back of one of their horses you can go deep into the country, away from the normal tourist routes and experience the vibrant culture and natural landscapes of Spain. The magnificent Arab, Andalusian and Barb horses are part of the ancient history of Spain’s culture, and there will be opportunities to see experienced horse riders in shows and competitions that celebrate these horses!

Horses and riding routes at Far and Ride are available to suit riders at all levels of experience. They also provide a very flexible setup, so be sure to talk to them about your individual needs.

  1. Iceland

If Iceland isn’t high on your bucket list of amazing places to travel, you might change your mind after you read this section of the article.

Icelandic horses to ride on your multi-day horseback trek in iceland

From gorgeous landscapes to friendly people, this country has a lot to offer. Tourists are drawn to Iceland because of its stunning natural beauty. The landscape is nothing short of magical with geological wonders such as snow-covered volcanoes, mountains, ice fields and glaciers to inspire awe. The rugged, other-worldly terrain is unlike anything you’ll see in the rest of the world. Experience the wonders of a midnight sun, northern lights and geothermal baths on this magnificent island.

Íshestar´s Horse Center (a convenient 15 minute drive from Reykjavik) has been operating multi-day horseback treks for over 30 years. With an emphasis on sustainable riding tours in unspoiled nature and exceptional service, it is no wonder that many guests return for further adventures here.

Not only will you be able to witness landscapes full of lava, trees, mountains, and wilderness, but you will be riding on the unique Icelandic Horse. This breed of horse is known for its intelligence, good-temperament and versatility. It is officially the most colourful breed in the world, with over 40 different colours in over 100 variations, and unofficially dubbed (by myself) as the cutest horse companion ever. The Icelandic Horse is also unique among horse breeds because it masters five gaits; walk, trot, tölt, canter/gallop and flying pace. But it is best known for the “tölt”, which is very comfortable gait for the rider.

You can choose from a wide variety of tours according to the season, area of Iceland you would like to explore, as well as the number of days you would like to trek.

  1. Tunisia

A list of the Top 10 Multi-day Horse-back treks would be incomplete without the mention of a trek through some of the world’s most treacherous terrain – the Sahara Desert.

Horseback trek in the Sahara desert of Tunisia

This imposing landscape of sun and sand were used in the Star Wars film The Phantom Menace. Tunisia offers unique and challenging terrain, along with oasis villages, salt plains and vast amounts of sand dunes to explore.

Ranch Nomade offers an exciting 5-day horseback trek where you will be riding in the sand dunes and sandy plains of the Great Eastern Sand Sea. They offer the chance to experience life in the way of nomad tribes!

Riding on small Barb Arabian horses known for both their sturdiness and speediness, you’ll soon understand the importance of a good horse in the unforgiving yet indescribably beautiful landscapes of the Sahara.

  1. Peru

Peru is a country that provides all kinds of landscapes, so you can leisurely explore valleys, canyons, mountains, rainforests or coastal trails from the back of your equine companion.

Visit the Inca ruins in Peru on a multi day Horseback trek

In Peru you will be able to see all kinds of picturesque landscapes, from highlands, snow caps and volcanoes, canyons and dense forests. These landscapes are also full of wildlife that you will be able to witness from horseback such as wild llamas and alpacas

Not only will you be immersed in nature and wildlife, but you will also be able to learn about the ancient inhabitants of the Andes. Explore their myths and beliefs as you sleep under the same stars that they studied at night, and during the day you can see the ruins of their magnificent structures left from their ancient civilisations. 

Peru Adventure Tours offer a wide variety of horseback tours in different landscapes – from exploring the deepest canyon in the world, the ancient ruins and sacred sites of the Inca, to excursions through the rainforest. From the driest desert land, to mountain ranges and the dense Amazon jungle – one thing is for certain: you will be spoilt for choice. 

If you choose your adventure in Peru you will be riding genuine Peruvian Pasos that are trained in the tradition of Peruvian horsemanship and kept in immaculate condition. Your equine companion is perfectly suited to keep you safe on your trip.

  1. Mongolia

For awe-inspiring scenic beauty, Mongolia has few rivals. Mongolia is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries and has one of the last surviving nomadic cultures.

Multi day horseback treks allow you to experience living in a traditional Mongolian yurt under the spectacular night sky
Experience living in a traditional Mongolian yurt under the spectacular night sky

A more pure, authentic experience is hard to find in a world where nowadays no place seems undiscovered.

From the beautiful desert steppe and incredible sand dunes of the Gobi in the south, to the mountainous regions in the west, to the lakes in the north: Mongolia’s nature offers travel experiences for the most jaded of travelers.

Horse Trails Mongolia offers the perfect way to see the true Mongolia; to see the nomadic lifestyle first hand and to become part of the wilderness, to feel the country’s unique heritage and great history. This is a unique adventure far off the beaten track where you can explore Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and beyond, in the most authentic way possible – by horse.

You will live in traditional Mongolian accommodation (yurts) and meet extraordinary locals who teach horse riding, and all the people who will help make your stay an amazing adventure. 

  1. Turkey

Beautiful beaches, friendly people, amazing food, and archaeological wonders are just some of the reasons why you should consider traveling to Turkey for a Horseback trek.

Discover Cappadocia's breathtaking landscape and the Mountains of Antalya on horseback.
Discover Cappadocia’s breathtaking landscape and the Mountains of Antalya on horseback.

Turkey offers everything from crystal clear waters, tall mountains, the ruins of ancient empires and small idyllic villages all the way to huge cosmopolitan cities.

Horse Riding Turkey offers the unique experiences of visiting cave villages, troglodytic monasteries and ancient frescoed churches, and you will discover the historical and cultural wealth of this region listed by UNESCO. Whether negotiating the narrow paths over the crests or galloping through the steppe or along the lush canyons, you will enjoy exhilarating nature trails off the beaten tracks. 

Enjoy your trek on the back of the Arabian endurance horses kept in fields around the farm. These small Arab and cross-Arab horses will surprise you with their robustness and their agility! Easy to ride, these horses are responsive, well-balanced and respectful of the rider.

  1. Lesotho

Lesotho, a small country nestled within the boundaries of South Africa. Climb the breathtaking Bushmans Nek mountain pass – right through the heart of the Sehlabathebe National Park – and explore parts of two countries most tourists never get the chance to see.

Experience the rugged landscape of Lesotho on a multi-day horseback trek

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this area is known for its ‘exceptional natural beauty’. The Southern Drakensberg area attracts countless visitors wanting to see the jagged mountains and magnificent rock art sites and landscapes with their changing colours, breathtaking sunsets, clean air and crystal clear night skies.

Khotso has been offering horse riding in the Southern Drakensberg of Lesotho for well over a decade, making this most incredible activity accessible to all intrepid travelers visiting this beautiful mountain range. The largest horse trails specialist in the area, they see themselves as the perfect base camp to both explore and to unwind.

  1. New Zealand

Tucked away in a far corner of the world, New Zealand is a country that requires some planning to visit, but it is well worth the trip! With its snow-capped mountains, ancient glaciers, rolling hills, and copious amounts of wine, it’s a destination unlike any other.

Top 10 Multi-day Horseback treks - Marvel at New Zealand's wild landscape and snow-capped peaks in the distance

And what better way to explore the otherworldly environment of the red-coloured volcanoes and sulphur, glaciers and the landscapes that set the scenes of Mordor in The Lord of the Rings than by horseback?

Alpine Horse Safaris is highly rated and mentioned to be “very Kiwi”! So if you want an authentic New Zealand adventure, on a safari unlike any other, then this is the horseback trek you have been looking for. They offer the chance to view the spectacular splendor of majestic snow capped mountains towering high above bush covered slopes, vast river flats, crystal clear lakes and sparkling rivers gushing through sheer faced gorges.

They offer a wide selection of strong Clydesdale horses for all levels of horse riding experience to trek across rugged terrain where you will be able to listen to the sounds of a wide variety of native birds.

  1. Chile

The wild landscapes of glaciers, lakes, mountains and rivers is the best reason why you should consider a multi-day horseback trek in Chile. Apart from that, this area is also home to amazing wildlife, and untouched forested areas.

The landscape in Chile is unrivaled by any other. Perfect place to explore one a horseback trek

Chile is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Within the country, one can find a diverse variety of landscapes including vineyards, volcanoes, deserts, beaches, lakes, glaciers and forests. The culture, food and friendly people just add to the reasons for a visit to this country.

Equitours in Chile offers an amazing selection of horseback treks to choose from. Horseback riding in Chile is an ideal way to see the most scenic parts of the country well away from the path of most tourists. This is one of the world’s most remote regions with unusual wildlife such as the rhea, guanaco and condor. 

The terrain is often ideal for long gallops of the Criollo cross horses which you will be riding. These horses have excellent endurance and are pleased to oblige. 

If you are now also excited in learning more about wildlife adventures, then follow us to the Top 10 Safari Parks in Africa.

Summary on the Top 10 Multi-day Horseback Treks

Our list of Top 10 Multi-day Horseback treks combined the best experiences from all over the world that will allow for deep immersion into nature. With so many places to choose from, you certainly aren’t spoilt for choice when it comes to multi-day horseback treks.

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Don’t feel up to a multi-day trek, though? Reach out to the companies we listed above and you can find out about some of their shorter adventures! Most tour operators offer curated trips that will suit your individual needs.

Interested in other ways to experience nature and to get up and close with wild animals in their natural habitats? Check out our blog regarding Visiting Alpacas in South America

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