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Nova Scotia Bulldog Gives Birth to a Rare Green Colored Puppy.

green puppy
a cute Fiona held by owner-Source: YouTube, Channel: Pet News Update

Dogs have all sorts of unique traits, but imagine having a green puppy! No, this little one didn’t get dyed to go viral on TikTok, this is the real thing. In fact, it has happened before and we will show you that too.

A St Patrick’s Day Surprise

bulldog gives birth to green pup
Green Pup Fiona born in Nova Scotia. Source: YouTube, Channel: Pet News

In January 2022, a couple from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, received a truly unique surprise right before St. Patrick’s Day—a puppy with green fur!

They were worried

Fiona. Source: YouTube, Channel: Pet News Update

Audra Rhys and Trevor Mosher experienced a moment of worry when their valley bulldog, Freya, delivered a puppy enveloped in a black amniotic sac on January 27. This was unlike her other seven puppies, who were born in clear sacs. The couple initially thought the worst, fearing the uniquely wrapped pup might not have survived.

A green puppy phenomenon

green puppy
a cute Fiona held by owner-Source: YouTube, Channel: Pet News Update

The event was highly unusual, but not impossible. While it has occurred before, a green puppy could well be called an animal born in a thousand years. After all, a green pigmentation in cats and dogs is extremely rare.

The Birth of the Green Puppy

Freya and her human family
Freya and her human family. Source: YouTube, Channel: WGN News

Freya, a three-year-old Valley Bulldog, was expected to deliver a litter of seven puppies. However, the final puppy surprised everyone with its unique green coloration. Initially, the green tint led to concern, but it was quickly identified as a rare but harmless condition.

What Causes the Green Fur?

dog amniotic sac
Dog Amniotic Sac. Source: YouTube, Channel: Kritter Klub

The green pigmentation in puppies is believed to occur when light-colored puppies come into contact with biliverdin, a green pigment found in bile. Biliverdin is a pigment that gives bruises their bluish color, and sometimes contaminates the placenta and amniotic fluid. This might result in the puppy’s fur becoming green. It is harmless to puppies.

Reaction from the Veterinary Community

Fiona with her siblings
Fiona with her family. Source: YouTube, Channel: Pet news

Local vets in the area expressed that such occurrences are very rare, estimating it might occur in less than one in 10,000 births. The family were dumbfounded and pleasantly surprised, after all it was soon going to be St Patrick’s day. It was a remarkable coincidence. Further insights from veterinary professionals reassured the owners that while rare, the green pigmentation does not pose a health risk to the puppy.

Public and Family Reaction

A rare phenomenon
Green pups are rare. Source: YouTube, Channel: Kens 5

The family was initially shocked but soon turned to curiosity and affection for their uniquely colored puppy. The local community showed great interest, with many suggesting names like Wasabi, Fiona, Hulkette, and Pistachio due to the pup’s color.

The Fading of the Green Color

green up among siblings
Fiona with her 6 siblings. Source: YouTube, Channel: Kens 5

As expected, the green pigmentation began to fade as the puppy grew older. This fading is typical for puppies born with this condition, gradually losing the green hue as they develop.

Naming the Puppy

green puppy nova scotia
Named after Fiona from Shrek. Source: YouTube, Channel: Kens 5

The family took to social media to find a fitting name for the green-tinted puppy. Suggestions from friends and followers included creative and humorous options, reflecting the unique nature of the puppy’s appearance. Finally, they settled on “Fiona,” after the lovable character in Shrek.

Global Interest in the Green Puppy

cute fiona
Cute Fiona. Source: YouTube, Channel: Pet News Update

News of the green puppy spread far beyond Nova Scotia, capturing the interest of people around the world. Social media and news outlets played a significant role in sharing this rare phenomenon.

This was not the first time

Hulk. Source: YouTube, Channel: ABC7

In 2012, a green puppy was born to Gypsy, a German Shepherd from North Carolina. In Hulk’s case, it was meconium, an infant mammal’s first stool which had stained his fur inside his amniotic sac. According to vets, the color wipes off after the mother cleans the pup.


Fifi. Source: YouTube, Channel: Inside Edition

In 2017, Milly a chocolate labrador gave birth to a green puppy named Fifi. The puppy shocked her mama and the owners, but experts confirmed it was again due to Biliverden that was found in Fifi’s placenta.


Pistachio. Source: YouTube, Channel: Inside Edition

In 2020, Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci who lived on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia was bewildered when his dog, Spelacchia, gave birth to a puppy with green fur. He just could not figure out what was going on until vets explained the phenomenon.


Shamrock. Source: YouTube, Channel: ABC7

Very recently in April 2024, Shamrock, a green golden retriever puppy took the internet by storm after her owners posted a video on TikTok. Shamrock was a tiny pup smaller than her siblings, but she was quite the princess. You can read about Shamrock here


green puppy
Green puppy born in China. Source: YouTube, Channel: Kritter Klub

The birth of the green puppy in Nova Scotia stands as a testament to the surprises that nature can hold. It serves as a reminder of the genetic diversity and unpredictability in the animal kingdom and of course how nature is always fascinating.


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