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Overprotective Raccoon Gets Nervous When His Brother Takes a Dip

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This adorable duo consist of two raccoons – one an avid water-lover and the other a seemingly overprotective brother.

overprotective raccoon brother
©Vicki Coppen – YouTube

These two raccoons have managed to sneak into a residential area, drawn by the allure of a swimming pool. One of them seems like the overly protective older sibling, whereas the other one is an adventurous and water-loving creature.

An Unexpected Skill of Raccoons

Contrary to popular belief, raccoons are adept swimmers. They have a natural ability to navigate waters, their strong limbs granting them agility and speed. This skill is often underestimated, yet it plays a crucial role in their survival and adaptability in diverse environments.

The Urban Raccoon Population

Cities are witnessing a surge in raccoon populations. Adaptability and intelligence mark their survival as they navigate urban landscapes with ease.

They are nocturnal, their nightly escapades often bringing them into close contact with human habitats. Although they can sometimes be dangerous, most of the time it leads to unexpected and often amusing encounters.

An Overprotective Raccoon Brother: The Video

YouTube video

Two raccoons, also known as trash pandas, have broken into a house – probably because of the tempting swimming pool in the garden. One of them is really eager for a dip and gets in. However, the other raccoon seems to think that this is a terrible idea and first tries to stop him, and then tries to reel him in.

The pool-loving raccoon can’t be stopped though – he has his own pool party until the overprotective raccoon puts his paw down and pulls him out from what he thinks is a deathtrap.

A Special Bond

Raccoons are typically solitary creatures. While they can occasionally be spotted in groups, especially during mating season or when a mother is raising her young, raccoons typically value their independence.

Bearing their usual solitary nature in mind makes this adorable duo even more heartwarming.

As we can see, the pair in the video displays a unique bond. One is adventurous, while the other is cautious, their contrasting personalities painting a picture of an unusual yet heartwarming friendship that defies the norm of their solitary existence.

Amazing Raccoon Facts

#1 Impressive IQ

To many’s surprise, raccoons have remarkable intelligence, often compared to that of primates. Their cognitive abilities are showcased in their problem-solving skills, enabling them to overcome complex obstacles with ease.

Raccoons can remember solutions to tasks for up to three years, indicating a high level of memory retention.

#2 Varied Vocalizations

The vocal repertoire of raccoons is both rich and diverse, underscoring their complex social interactions. They can produce an array of sounds, including purrs, whistles, growls, and screams, each serving a specific purpose in communication.

These vocalizations convey emotions, warnings, and mating calls, facilitating interactions among raccoons.

#3 Incredible Paws

Raccoons have highly dexterous paws that function almost like human hands. These paws are highly sensitive, with a dense concentration of nerves providing a keen sense of touch.

Raccoons use their paws to explore their environment, manipulate objects, and forage for food with precision. The adaptability and functionality of their paws are central to the raccoon’s survival.

Overprotective Raccoon Brother: Conclusion

raccoon scaling a skyscraper

The video of the two raccoons is a charming glimpse into the world of these often misunderstood creatures. It highlights their adaptability, intelligence, and the unexpected bonds they can form. As we watch the overprotective raccoon pull his friend from the pool, we are reminded of the complex and rich emotional lives animals lead.

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