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Watch a live Snake Discovered Inside Airplane Mid-Flight to Bangkok

snake found inside airplane
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On a recent flight with Air Asia, passengers were startled to discover a snake in the aircraft’s overhead compartment. The small reptile, slithering above the cabin lights, caused a stir among the passengers, some of whom moved away from the area, and rightfully so.

The crew’s swift response, involving an initial attempt to capture the snake with a water bottle and subsequent success using a garbage bag, ensured the safety of all onboard.

What would you do if you spotted a snake on an airplane?

Snakes in Bangkok

Image Markus Winkler by via Pixabay

Bangkok, known for its diverse wildlife, has had its fair share of snake encounters, though rarely in such confined and unexpected places like an airplane. The city’s tropical climate and abundant green spaces provide ideal habitats for various snake species, making reptilian encounters a common sight – and often in the most unexpected places.

Safe Snake Handling: An Unexpected Airline Requirement

snake found inside airplane
Image by @edal8808 via TikTok

The quick thinking and calm demeanor of the flight crew during the snake incident highlight the importance of emergency training in handling wildlife encounters.

While not a standard part of airline safety protocols, this event shows that unexpected situations can arise, necessitating versatile problem-solving skills.

Unusual Stowaways: Wildlife in the Skies

Image Lars Nissen by via Pixabay

Instances of wildlife on planes, though rare, are not unheard of. From birds finding their way into cabins to more bizarre cases like otters and rats causing commotion mid-flight, these incidents pose unique challenges to airline safety and protocols.

Can You Tell If a Snake Is Venomous or Not By Its Looks?

Image by Timothy Dykes via Unsplash

Determining if a snake is venomous without specific identification can be challenging. Generally, venomous snakes often have a triangular head, elliptical pupils, and prominent color patterns. However, these features are not definitive indicators.

However, caution is always key, as some non-venomous snakes mimic venomous ones. When in doubt, maintain a safe distance and consult a professional or a regional wildlife guide for accurate identification.

After the Landing: Ensuring No Further Surprises

Image by Suhas Dissanayake via Unsplash

Upon landing in Phuket, thorough inspections were conducted to ensure no other unwelcome guests were aboard. This standard procedure, including deep cleaning and fumigation, underscores the airline industry’s commitment to passenger safety and the seriousness with which such incidents are treated.

Literally Like a Scene From a Movie

YouTube video

The surreal nature of this incident echoes the plot of the 2006 movie “Snakes on a Plane,” starring Samuel L. Jackson. In the film, venomous snakes create havoc on a passenger plane, a scenario that, until now, seemed purely fictional.

Snake Inside Airplane: Wrapping Up

Image ZhiYeNature by via Pixabay

The unexpected discovery of a snake on a Thai AirAsia flight illustrates how wildlife can sometimes be found in the strangest of places. Although unusual, it underlines how air stewards always need to be ready to handle any sort of situation.

Thank you for reading this article about the snake that was found inside an airplane! For more reptilian news, take a look here:

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