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Pelican Is a Local At a Restaurant In Cypress

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Pelicans are one of the world’s comical birds. They feature in various movies, and they are just so lovable. What makes them so unique is their large pouch found under their beak. In a viral video shared, we see how a pelican is a local at a restaurant in Cypress. 

Photo / ViralHog


Pelicans are widespread and prefer habitats such as wetlands, eusterines, lakes, swamps, coastal islands, and shores. 


The pelican diet consists of diverse organisms ranging from fish to small mammals and even turtles.

They use their bill pouch, also known as a gular, to scoop up their prey.

It acts almost like its own built-in fishing net.

They only temporarily carry their food here; rather they throw their head back and swallow their prey whole. 


Pelicans are colonial breeders, meaning they return to one spot where up to 5,000 pairs lay the incubate their eggs.

Interestingly, the breeding pair will develop a “breeding bump” on top of their beaks, which falls off after the birds have mated and laid eggs.

They are seasonally monogamous and switch mates every breeding season.

The pair will only lay 2 eggs per year. 

The Local Pelican 

In a video, one lucky tourist witnessed these great birds up close when a pelican entered a restaurant.

The resturaunt owner quickly guided the pelican out, and it was happy to sit outside and prune its feathers. 

YouTube video
Video / Viralhog


Although pelicans might be used mostly for comic relief, there is a lot to learn about these beautiful birds.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the local pelican and learned something new today. 

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