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Puppy Scares Older Sibling With Its New Spider Costume

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Dogs are known for their comical reactions and ability to make anyone laugh no matter the circumstances. In a viral video on TikTok, one pup had a trick up her sleeve when she scared her older sibling with her new spider costume.


The dogs we know today are direct descendants of wolves.

Over 400 dog breeds exist today, all of which have evolved and bred from the grey wolf.

Over the years, the wolves were domesticated and bred to meet our needs.

For a long period, Dogs were used as hunting companions, herd protectors, and friends.

Today, the canine species is, alongside Felines, the most domesticated animal in the world and serves as our best friends, guide dogs, police dogs, and our daily dose of entertainment.


Dogs are found worldwide, mostly co-living with humans in our spaces.

Wild dogs roam the savannahs and grasslands of Africa as scavengers, and the Dingo in Australia.


Dogs are omnivores, they should be given a plant and meat-based diet.

They have 2 sets of teeth like humans, one set of deciduous teeth, which fall out and are replaced with 42 adult teeth.

Although they have many teeth, they do not chew their food.

Rather, they swallow it whole, and digestive enzymes in their stomach break down their food.

The largest organ in their body is their liver, which consists of 6 lobes (humans only have 2 lobed livers). It helps digestion by producing bile, which aids in fat absorption.

The liver also metabolizes protein and carbohydrates and excretes toxins from the bloodstream.

Entertaining Nature

Dogs are social creatures known for their entertaining characters.

They prefer to be with other dogs or with humans to being alone.

The are numerous videos online that showcase the entertaining characteristics of canines.

One video shows a little French bulldog with her new spider costume playing with her Rottweiler older sibling, who is a little confused by her new appearance.

The Video

Watch as the Rottweiler wants to play with its little sister dressed in her new spider costume.

Video / dozer_and_lilah

Puppy Scares Older Sibling: Conclusion

Dogs are complex creatures with big hearts and minds.

They teach us to find the good in everything and be aware of what’s around us.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this cute interaction of a little puppy scaring its older sibling with its new spider costume.

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