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Watch: Adorable Rescued Bat Enjoys Banana

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In a heartwarming rescue story, a team embarked on a mission that brought them face to face with a grumpy yet undeniably adorable bat. Whom they affectionately named Mr. Forrest. This little creature’s journey from distress to enjoying a delightful banana treat is a tale that will melt your heart. Let’s watch as this Adorable Rescued Bat Enjoys Banana.

Rescued Bat Enjoys Banana
Credit: Denise Wade

A Rescue Mission

Mr. Forrest’s adventure began when Colin discovered him in his grevilleas one morning. It’s speculated that the bat had fed on the grevilleas and found himself in a predicament due to the limited space. Even potentially hitting the house during his endeavors. Despite his foul mood and the unfortunate situation he found himself in. Mr. Forrest was free from injuries, much to the relief of his rescuers.

A Love for Bananas

In this video, Mr. Forrest can be seen enjoying a banana, a simple pleasure that momentarily appeased his disgruntlement. His initial crankiness, perhaps a mixture of fear and frustration, gradually gave way to enjoying his fruity snack. “There’s always room for banana,” the rescuers amusingly noted as Mr. Forrest indulged in his treat.

The Video

YouTube video
Youtube / Denise Wade

Fun Fact

Did you know that bananas are a favorite among many bat species? These nocturnal creatures often feed on various fruits. Thus, bananas are a top pick due to their sweetness and easy-to-eat nature.

A Temporary Stay

Although Mr. Forrest was unharmed, the rescue team kept him in care for a while to ensure he wasn’t concussed or facing any hidden issues from his ordeal. His stay consisted of ample bananas and meticulous observation. To ensure he was in perfect shape before returning to the wild.

A Grumpy, Yet Endearing Guest

Despite being a “big old boy” who’s “been around the block a few times,” Mr. Forrest’s strength and slightly irritable demeanor couldn’t overshadow his endearing nature. His not-so-subtle resistance to capture and subsequent surrender to the enjoyment of a banana have showcased a delightful blend of the wild and gentle sides of bat behavior.

In Conclusion

YouTube video

Mr. Forrest’s rescue and his love for bananas have provided a sweet and heartwarming glimpse into the world of bat rescue. It’s a gentle reminder that every creature, from the grumpiest to the most amicable, can get a little hangry. Here’s to many more bananas and a swift return to the wild for Mr. Forrest!

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