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Rogue Lemur Roaming Free In Missouri

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Imagine your daily news filled with stories like this one. A daring lemur’s mad dash for freedom leads to a thrilling pursuit, with two determined police officers hot on its heels.

Lemur on the Loose
Police officers with captured lemur. Credit: Springfield Police Dept

In Springfield, Missouri, a lemur darted through the dimly lit confines of a city park. Outsmarting two determined police officers armed with nothing but a generously sized towel!

They captured the gripping episode on bodycam footage. This cam revealed the valiant efforts of the officers to apprehend the nimble primate as it seized an opportunity for freedom.

With a hint of amusement in his voice, one officer can be heard remarking, “We see the tail,” while attempting to close in on the elusive lemur.

The lemur, undeterred and determined to avoid capture, embarked on a frenetic dash for liberty. Its agile form zigzagged across a parking lot nimbly traversed a sidewalk, and gracefully navigated through grassy terrain. It also adeptly circumvented trees, leaving the officers in awe of its evasive maneuvers.

In a last-ditch effort, one officer hurled the towel like a makeshift net, hoping to ensnare the lemur. However, the wily creature slipped through the improvised trap, leaving its pursuers in its dust as it vanished into the night.

A group of concerned citizens pitched in to assist in the effort to corral the elusive creature. One of them is a pantless man!

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lemur on loose
Credit: YouTube / Inside Edition: Lemur on the Loose Sends Police Scrambling to Catch It

Finally, after a series of agile pursuits, another officer successfully apprehended the lemur. He managed to hold it securely, allowing his partner to gently wrap it nicely within the towel, as reported by the Springfield Police Department via a Facebook post.

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The Back Story

The lemur, it turns out, had been reported as missing by its owners, according to the department. However, due to city regulations prohibiting the ownership of wild animals as pets, the reunion would be short-lived.

Authorities have arranged for the lemur’s transfer to a local wildlife rescue organization in compliance with the law.

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The Chase

YouTube video

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Wrap Up

This captivating tale of the rogue lemur’s daring escape and eventual safe retrieval serves as a testament to the dedication of the officers involved. As well as the importance of protecting wildlife in our urban environments. It is a reminder that sometimes, in the midst of unexpected adventures, the welfare of all creatures, big and small, takes precedence over any pursuit.

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