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Seagulls Cause Venice Airport To Close

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Ah, Venice – the city of romantic gondola rides, enchanting canals, and delectable Italian cuisine. But hold on a sec! There’s a flip side to this idyllic picture, and it involves some notorious winged rascals. You guessed it – seagulls! Those feathery miscreants have made a name for themselves as the petty criminals of Venice, stealing food, causing café chaos, and yes, even biting unwary fingers. But the tale we’re about to unravel goes way beyond the typical seagull caper. It’s a story of seagull anarchy at Venice Marco Polo Airport, where they pulled off an hour-long shutdown and a two-hour spectacle of sheer chaos!

The Seagull Saga at Venice’s Airport

It all went down at Venice Marco Polo Airport, nestled north of the city and right beside the stunning Venice lagoon. It’s the fifth busiest airport in Italy, making it a crucial gateway for travelers. But on one fateful Friday morning, the skies above Venice witnessed an avian uprising like no other. A flock of seagulls had descended on the airport’s runway, and boy, did they mean business!

Gull-ty of Disruption

The drama unfolded between 9.54 a.m. and 10.45 a.m., and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. Flights were grounded, leaving passengers scratching their heads and rearranging their plans. Twenty incoming flights were left with no choice but to divert to other airports in northern Italy. Treviso, Verona, Trieste, and Milan became the unintended hosts of these inconvenienced travelers. But let’s not kid ourselves; seagull-free airports are hard to come by, right?

Saving the Day

In the midst of this gull-induced havoc, the heroic staff at SAVE, the airport management company, sprang into action. They had a time-tested routine to deal with these beaky troublemakers. First up, they deployed their secret weapon – a resident falcon. Yes, you heard that right! This airport has its very own feathered security guard.

With a skilled falconer guiding the way, this feathered avenger swooped in to disperse the unruly seagulls. Talk about an air traffic controller’s dream team! But that wasn’t all. The airport also pulled out all the stops, employing what they called “fauna-friendly acoustic deterrents” to drive the gulls away. It’s safe to say; they had their hands full!

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A Wider View: The Seagull Situation in Venice

So, Venice airport isn’t the only place in the area to have a resident falconer. Treviso, located about 14 miles inland from the lagoon, is also in on the action. You see, these seagulls don’t care how far they have to travel for a snack. They’re birds of adventure, and they’ll go the distance for a tasty morsel.

Now, if you head about 60 miles inland, you’ll find Verona, and the good news is that it’s blissfully free from the marauding gulls. It’s like the promised land for travelers who prefer not to have their sandwiches snatched mid-bite!

The Bigger Picture: Bird Strikes and Airport Safety

Now, it’s not just about airport inconveniences and disgruntled passengers. Birds around airports are no joke when it comes to safety. They can cause some serious trouble with the big metal birds we humans prefer to travel in. The aviation world has a fancy term for these avian encounters – “bird strikes.” They’re not as harmless as they may sound. Bird strikes can spell disaster, from engine failure to catastrophic crashes.

Perhaps the most legendary bird strike incident in recent memory was the 2009 “miracle on the Hudson.” This unforgettable flight was a US Airways journey from New York’s LaGuardia to Charlotte, captained by the hero himself, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. In a scene straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, the plane hit a flock of Canada geese while taking off. Forced to make an emergency landing, Captain Sullenberger and his crew executed a water landing on the Hudson River. It was a real-life miracle, and a reminder of just how high the stakes can be when it’s birds vs. planes.


Seagulls might be charming at the beach, but when they decide to invade an airport, things get wild. Venice Marco Polo Airport’s seagull shutdown is a stark reminder of the hidden dangers these feathered friends can pose. Bird strikes are no joke, and airports worldwide take their avian control measures very seriously. So, next time you’re enjoying a cappuccino in Venice and a seagull eyes your pastry, just remember, there’s more to these birds than meets the eye. They’re not just after your crumbs; they’re after the skies!

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