best places to dive with sharks

Best Places to Dive with Sharks

Have you ever wondered how it would be to dive with sharks – one of the most amazing ocean creatures in the world? A mesmerizing adventure is waiting for you in which your heart does not know if it should stop or beat faster!  We have put together the full guide of all the best...
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hammerhead sharks

Best Places to Dive with Hammerhead Sharks

Are you looking for the best places to dive with hammerhead sharks?  Diving with hammerhead sharks is one of the ultimate scuba diving experiences.  You’ll never forget the first time you come face to face with this bizarre creature.  They look like something out of a science fiction movie. Also they are amazing animals which...
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shark under water high definition

When and Where to Dive with Tiger Sharks

Diving with tiger sharks is one of the most exciting animal encounters we know of. Unlike tigers on land, tiger sharks generally do not see us as prey. Imagine submerging into the blue, knowing that soon you will encounter one of the most efficient predators on this planet. A predator you are going to meet...
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Bull Shark with Divers

The Best Places to Dive With Bull Sharks

Do you want to look for the best places to dive with bull sharks? Bull Sharks are said to be one of the most dangerous sharks for men around the globe.  Out of the 400 or so species of sharks there are only a handful which are commonly made responsible for most shark attacks on...
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The Great White Shark

Great White Shark Diving: Best Places

Have you ever wondered how it is to dive with one of the most popular sharks in the world? We collected where you need to go and what to expect from Great White Shark Diving.  A breathtaking adventure is waiting for your, while you just need to decide where to go.  In this article, you...
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Whale Shark

Diving with Whale Sharks: The Best Places

“If you ever have a chance to swim with whale sharks, you will never forget this magical experience. You will become an ambassador for the protection of these majestic animals for the rest of your life.” – Volker Bassen Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the world – gentle giants of great beauty. It...
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