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Sniffer Dogs Deployed to Help Combat UK Bedbugs

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Picture this: You’re nestled in your cozy hotel room or at home, oblivious to the tiny terrors lurking in the shadows. Bedbugs – those pesky nocturnal parasites that can turn your peaceful slumber into a nightmare. But don’t fret just yet! There’s a new breed of hero on the horizon, or shall we say, on all fours? In the UK, hotels and homeowners are turning to specially trained sniffer dogs to wage war against these cunning critters!

Bedbug Sniffers to the Rescue!

Now, you might wonder, who are these valiant four-legged bedbug busters? Let us introduce you to Milo and Kobie, the dynamic duo of K9 Detection Services, led by their fearless chief executive, Gary Jakeman. These springer spaniels are on a mission, a mission to rid UK homes and hotels of bedbug infestations!

A Sniff Above the Rest!

Gary Jakeman proudly shares, “We’re getting more and more interest. We’ve probably had a 25% increase in callouts since June. These dogs are spot on. There’s very little that can get past a well-trained nose.” But what’s the secret to their success?

Training! Training a sniffer dog to detect bedbugs is no walk in the park. It takes a year to 18 months of rigorous training, akin to teaching dogs to sniff out drugs, explosives, or even stashes of cash. In this case, it’s all about sniffing out the pheromones bedbugs emit to communicate with their bedbug buddies!

In very high concentrations, you can smell it yourself,” says Dr. Richard Naylor, the director of the Bed Bug Foundation, which certifies these four-legged detectives. “They produce a very pungent, recognizable smell.” These bedbugs rarely venture more than a meter from their midnight feast, usually lurking around the head of the bed. But armed with just a torch and good eyesight, finding them can be an hours-long, frustrating ordeal. That’s where our canine companions come to the rescue, making a swift judgment within minutes!

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The Telltale Signs

So, how can you spot a bedbug invasion on your own? While bites might be the most common sign, not everyone reacts to them. For those who do, the bites can swell and itch, making for some unpleasant nights. But there are other indicators too – tiny specks of bedbug excrement or blood on your sheets, for instance. Sometimes, the bugs themselves are like elusive ninjas, requiring a thorough inspection of bed joints and recesses.

Gary Jakeman recounts, “We’ve found them in TV remote controls and plug sockets before.” These bugs are the ultimate hide-and-seek champions, and without a professional sniffer dog, you might find yourself playing an endless game of hide-and-seek.

The Hidden Trauma

Although bedbugs are physically harmless, an infestation can lead to a harrowing experience. Dr. Naylor emphasizes, “The mental health implications can be devastating. It isolates people. They feel shame because people falsely associate them with poor living conditions. People don’t go and see their friends, and they don’t want friends to come to them. People become sleep-deprived because they sleep with the lights on. It can have a lasting effect: people can feel things crawling on their skin long after the bugs have gone.”

Bugs Don’t Discriminate

One myth worth debunking is that bedbugs only infest unkempt, filthy places. Brian Leith of BDL Canine Services in South Lanarkshire knows better. He and his trusty companion, Benji (a sprightly springer-cocker spaniel mix), have visited five-star hotels with bedbug issues!

Leith points out, “It’s nothing to do with dirty houses at all. I’ve been in five-star hotels that have got them.” These bloodsuckers aren’t picky; they’ll settle wherever they find a warm bed and a blood meal. So, let’s set the record straight – no place is immune!

The Bedbug Boom

While there’s concrete evidence of a bedbug resurgence attributed to travel, increasing resistance to insecticides, and secondhand furniture purchases, the media’s fascination with these tiny terrors has fueled the rise in complaints. The mere sight of a bedbug in France sends people into a frenzy, even if their suitcase is bedbug-free!

“People see the press and panic,” says Leith. In fact, he conducted two inspections on a recent Saturday, finding no bedbug evidence. “I’m not going to complain. It’s good for business.” So, whether the bugs are real or just a figment of the imagination, it’s a win-win for the bug-sniffing business!

Conclusion: The Bedbug Battle Continues

Bedbugs might be sneaky, but they’re no match for these specially trained sniffer dogs. Thanks to the dedication and keen noses of dogs like Milo, Kobie, and Benji, the fight against bedbugs is far from over. So, as we navigate this bug-filled world, let’s remember that these pests

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