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St.Bernard Called Daisy Rescued From England’s Tallest Mountain

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St.Bernards are notoriously known for having rescued humans many times over the course of history – in this story, though, roles are reversed as this St.Bernard called Daisy is rescued from a mountain top.

st.bernard rescued from mountain
©Wasdale Mountain Rescue

In a twist of fate, a St. Bernard named Daisy found herself in need of rescue from England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike.

Traditionally, St. Bernards have been the heroes, saving stranded travelers in treacherous mountain terrains. But this time, the roles were reversed.

Let’s uncover the details of this unique rescue mission!

A Historical Legacy of Rescue

St. Bernards have a rich history of coming to the aid of humans. Since the 18th century, they’ve been instrumental in saving lives in the mountains.

Bred by monks in the St. Bernard Pass, these dogs have braved heavy snowstorms to rescue people trapped in the Alps.

According to estimations, their legacy boasts of saving approximately 2,000 people over two centuries.

The Unexpected Dilemma

On a seemingly ordinary day, Daisy, weighing 121 pounds, was descending from Scafell Pike with her owners. However, she began showing signs of pain in her rear legs and refused to continue her descent.

The situation was dire, as Daisy’s weight and size made it impossible for her owners to carry her down.

St.Bernard Rescued From Mountain: The Rescue Mission

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The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, consisting of 16 dedicated members, took on the challenging task of saving Daisy. The unique rescue operation lasted a whole five hours.

The team faced numerous obstacles, from steep hills to rocky terrains. But with determination and a few treats for Daisy, they managed to safely bring her down using a stretcher.

Roles Reversed: The Irony

It’s ironic that a breed known for its rescue prowess found itself in need of help. St. Bernards have been symbols of hope and bravery in the mountains. Their keen sense of direction and resilience to cold have made them invaluable in rescue missions.

This incident with Daisy serves as a gentle reminder that even the mightiest sometimes need a helping hand.

Daisy’s Road to Recovery

After the rescue, Daisy was reported to be in high spirits.

The rescue team humorously mentioned that she might feel a tad guilty for not living up to the legendary image of St. Bernards with brandy barrels around their necks.

However, it’s worth noting that this popular image is a myth; these dogs never carried brandy. Their real superpower lies in their incredible sense of smell and pathfinding abilities.

St.Bernard Rescued From Mountain: Conclusion

Daisy’s rescue story is a testament to the unpredictability of life. It also highlights the compassion and dedication of rescue teams who go above and beyond to save lives, be it human or animal.

While St. Bernards have been saviors for many, it’s heartwarming to see humans stepping up to return the favor.

Thank you for reading this article about the St.Bernard that was rescued from England’s tallest mountain!

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