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Stripey hornshark

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Do you know the Stripey hornshark? A new shark species was recently discovered in Australia.

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A recently discovered striped, miniature shark living deep in the depths off Australia’s west coast has researchers buzzing. This mysterious creature is unlike any other known horn sharks before it – a remarkable scientific find.

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stripey hornshark
Credit: CSIRO-Frederique Olivier

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Where was the Stripey hornshark found

stripey hornshark
Credit: CSIRO Tauri Minogue

Scientists have made a remarkable discovery down under – an entirely new species of shark! Lurking off the coast of Australia, this rare striped horn shark has never been seen or described before now. It’s sure to be one for the history books.

Stripey hornshark

Credit: CSIRO Frederique Olivier

A research vessel sailing in Gascoyne Marine Park off the coast of Cape Range Peninsula recently made an incredible discovery that is set to revolutionize science: a previously undiscovered species of horn shark.

This predatory fish, which belongs to the family known as bullhead sharks and typically live near shallow waters, was found living at surprising depths beyond 150 meters.

Scientists are particularly excited about this find as it could provide valuable insight into behaviors never before observed for this type of animal.

Horn Sharks

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The illustrious horn shark, Heterodontus francisci, is a bullhead species known to roam the temperate to subtropical waters of North America’s Pacific coast from Southern California all the way down through Baja and Mexico.

This majestic animal can reach up to 120 cm in length.

The horn shark is an impressive aquatic creature, ranging in size from one to two meters long. Its light gray body showcases a stunning display of dark spots that adorn its head, sides and tail fin – making this species truly magnificient.

Summary of the Stripey Hornshark

The discovery of the stripey horn shark is amazing. Awesome to see how many wildlife still needs to be discovered on our blue planet.

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