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Stripey hornshark

Do you know the Stripey hornshark? A new shark species was recently discovered in Australia. A recently discovered striped, miniature shark living deep in the depths off Australia’s west coast has researchers buzzing. This mysterious creature is unlike any other known horn sharks before it – a remarkable scientific find. Also see our recent web …

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Shark Attacks in North Carolina

Welcome to Shark Attacks in North Carolina. To the east, North Carolina borders the Atlantic Ocean, providing a suitable environment for numerous aquatic species, which is why you can frequently spot sharks off the country’s coast. Naturally the high prevalence of sharks in the waters of North Carolina lead to a high number of shark …

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Polar Bear Vs. Grizzly Bear

Bears are truly giant animals living on this planet. Due to their colossal size and furry skin, they are equal parts frightening and equal parts cute. Consequently, people are equal parts fascinated by them and equal parts frightened of them. In this article we’ll compare two different bears, and predict who would win in a fight: …

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How Many Gorillas Are Left In The World

How many Gorillas are left in the world? Lets have a look! Gorillas are one of the most endangered animals today, and there are various reasons behind this. In the year of 2010, there were only 480 gorillas left in the world. Luckily the population increased to 604 when 124 newborns arrived in 2019. Because …

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