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Watch: The Kleptomaniac Cat of Houston


A Houston neighborhood is being tormented by a long-time cat burglar. Fortunately for this thief, they won’t be doing any hard time, winning the hearts of the neighborhood and now America. We are introduced to Cleo the mischievous, kleptomaniac cat, and an internet sensation.

Houston neighborhood being tormented by long-time cat burglar. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: KENS 5: Your San Antonio News Source

The Perpetrator

Cleo was not your ordinary house cat. She had a naughty little habit of slipping out of her owner’s house at night and going on adventures in the dark. At first, the neighbors couldn’t believe the complaints of missing socks, shiny trinkets, and even the occasional sandwich from their kitchens. But as the evidence piled up and Cleo became more famous, it became clear that this was no ordinary cat. She could outsmart security systems, dodge surveillance cameras, and vanish into the shadows.

Public Reaction

Instead of getting angry, the neighborhood decided to embrace Cleo’s shenanigans. They created a Facebook page dedicated to documenting her escapades, and Cleo quickly gained thousands of followers from all over the country. Here the community shared photos and videos of Cleo in action.

Local Celebrity

Cleo’s adventures made local news channels and national television. The nation fell in love with this cat thief, and her fame skyrocketed. People started to tune in daily to see what she would steal next. And how she would outsmart her human counterparts, of course! But Cleo isn’t just a thief – she is a sweetheart. She started leaving small gifts for her victims, such as handwritten notes and flowers.

The Impact of Cleo’s Story

Screenshot from Houston neighborhood being tormented by long-time cat burglar. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: KENS 5: Your San Antonio News Source

Cleo’s fame led to a positive impact on the community. Her adventure allowed the neighborhood something to bond over. They even started organizing events and fundraisers in her honor. The proceeds from these events went to local animal shelters, where Cleo herself once lived.

Cleo’s Behavior as a Mischievous Cat Burglar Could be Attributed to:

  1. Instincts: Cats are known as hunters, and Cleo’s behavior might be an exaggerated form of this.
  2. Boredom: When Cats are bored, they tend to engage in playful and mischievous behavior. So, she might have felt she needed some more adventure in her life.
  3. Attention-Seeking: Cleo might have noticed that her nighttime activities brought attention from both her owners and the neighborhood, and she loved it!
  4. Exploration and Curiosity: Cats are curious animals, and Cleo, the kleptomaniac cat’s burglaries could be because of her desire to explore new places and things.
  5. Social Interaction: Cleo’s actions could also be an attempt to interact with her human neighbors. Seeing the stolen items as a way to establish a connection or initiate play with the people in her community.

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