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The Korat

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This affectionate and beautiful cat breed originated in Thailand hundreds of years ago, where it’s been a symbol of good luck ever since! 


The Korat’s unique personality will make it an ideal addition to your family. Keep reading to learn more about how this fascinating cat can make your home brighter and happier.

Getting To Know The Korat Cat


The Korat is a cat from Thailand. These silvery-blue cats have been around since the 14th century, referenced in Thai folklore, literature, and blessing ceremonies. 

This natural breed has characteristics such as a semi-cobby body shape, oval eyes that are green or yellowish-green, a wedge-shaped head, and fine hair. 

The temperament of the Korat is one of devotion, playfulness, and intelligence – they are gentle companion-loving cats that get along great with people and other animals. 

On top of its unique history, the Korat has become popular in recent years due to its striking blue coat, which stands out amongst more traditional cat colors like tabby or white.

The Rich History And Origin Of Korat Cat


The Korat is a cat with a rich history of over 600 years. The species is renowned for its mesmerizingly brilliant blue coat and captivating green eyes.

Thai literature has praised and celebrated the beloved Korat – a breed of cat that royal families once cherished. The breed brought good luck and fortune, often a gift to those wishing to curry favor with the king. 

American Ambassador Jean Johnson brought the first Korats to the United States in the 1950s. The breed’s fame skyrocketed across the United States, and in 1965 it was officially labeled by the Cat Fanciers Association.

The Korat is a rarity today but highly sought after due to its distinctive look and remarkable qualities. This breed has won the hearts of many with its devoted loyalty, loving personality, and smartness. Plus, they are full of fun-loving energy that keeps us entertained for hours!

Physical Characteristics of the Korat Cat

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The Korat cat is a rare domesticated cat with a stout and well-muscled body. Its beautiful silvery blue-gray coat has intense shades of green, and its eyes are the same hue of pure green. 

They are medium in size, weighing between 5 to 10 pounds, and they have naturally short legs that tend to resist shedding due to their coarse fur. These cats also have large ears that stand as alert antennae with even larger eyes, allowing them to be curious observers of their surroundings. 

Moreover, the fur pattern on its coat is unique among breeds — it has no stripes or tabby markings but has shining points around the neck, legs, and tail that become more visible in sunshine. All these physical characteristics make the Korat a specific and exquisite cat breed!

Adaptability To Environment 

Korat cats are highly adaptable and can thrive in various environments, but they have particular needs to ensure their happiness and well-being.

One of the critical factors for a Korat’s happiness is plenty of social interaction. Therefore, Korats should be in an environment where they receive plenty of attention and playtime.

Korats also enjoy physical activity, requiring opportunities to play and explore. They want interactive toys, and they love to climb and run. Providing toys, cat trees, and scratching posts can keep them active.

In terms of the home environment, Korats prefer a calm and quiet home. They thrive in places other than busy, noisy households or environments. They also tend to be afraid of loud noises, so keeping them away from noisy areas such as laundry or mechanical rooms is best.

A suitable environment for a Korat includes the following:

  • Plenty of social interaction.
  • Opportunities for physical activity and play.
  • A calm and quiet living space.

Personality Traits of the Korat Cat

The Korat cat is known to be an intelligent and affectionate breed with a unique personality. One of the most notable character traits of the Korat is its loyalty to its owners.

Korats are renowned for their remarkable intelligence and curiosity. They love to explore, constantly seeking out new opportunities and experiences. Thanks to their smarts, they’re a breeze to train; engaging in thought-provoking games or puzzles will become one of your furry companion’s favorite activities!

This species is adaptable and can adjust well to new environments and situations. They are friendly and social with other cats and humans alike and enjoy interacting with them.

Overall, the Korat cat is a unique and fascinating breed with a friendly and engaging personality. They are loyal to their owners, intelligent and curious in their play, and have a gentle and loving nature that will bring joy and companionship to anyone looking for a feline friend.

Tips for Caring for a Korat Cat

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Caring for a Korat cat can be a rewarding experience. These intelligent animals are renowned for their social and affectionate natures, making them great companions. To ensure your cat thrives, feeding them a high-quality diet, providing plenty of stimulating playtime, and keeping up with regular veterinary visits are necessary. 

Grooming is also an essential part of caring for a Korat cat – brush regularly, clip their nails monthly, and check their ears once per week for signs of infection. A loving home where your cat feels safe, secure, and loved is the key to keeping your furry friend happy for years.

How to Find a Reputable Breeder of Korat Cats

Before welcoming a Korat cat into your family, you must identify an experienced and dependable breeder. Researching the breed before interviewing potential candidates will allow you to gain knowledge on the subject and discern if any warning signs should arise during conversations with these prospective sources—ultimately helping you to make the best choice for yourself and your new furry friend!

It’s also good practice to check reviews from other buyers and visit either the facility itself or where photos of it are present online. Quality communication with the breeder and learning about their history will help ensure you choose one that is reputable for this rare and beautiful feline.

Fun Facts About the Korat Cat Breed

The Korat Cat has been native to Thailand since the 1300s. Traditionally, the species was a wedding gift of good luck and fertility by families of newlyweds. Today, they are loyal, confident, and affectionate companions. With their signature silver-tipped blue coats and green eyes, they are sometimes called “good luck cats” or “blue cats.” 

Though independent yet devoted, this breed can sometimes be a bit naughty. This breed loves playing fetch with light objects like feathers or a bell on a string! Best enjoyed by adults or older children able to respect their boundaries. If given ample attention by their owners and an opportunity to socialize with people or other cats, Korats will provide immense joy to whoever shares their life!


The Korat cat is a beautiful and rare breed that pet owners find irresistible. These cats are perfect if you’re looking for a cuddly buddy with extraordinary intelligence. 

From their unwavering loyalty to their delightful disposition, it’s impossible not to fall in love with them! People who own this type of cat must research and look for reputable breeders to find a healthy, lovable Korat kitten. 

With proper care and attention, these cats can live long lives and provide many years of joy for any family. From their history as sacred animals found in Thailand centuries ago to facts about their coat colors and eyes – it’s no wonder the Korat cat has become so popular in countries around the world and right here in the United States.

Meeting this kitten will, in my experience, be the cutest little encounter you’d experience. So, if you’re lucky, you are in for a treat!

Thank you for following along this article! Next up, the short-legged kitten – The Munchkin Cats.

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