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The Ugliest Monkey In the World Hitchhikes a Boat Ride in Sarawak

ugliest monkey in the world enjoys boat ride

In this video, the world’s ugliest monkey hitchhikes a boat ride with two humans.

The proboscis monkey is commonly labeled as the world’s “ugliest” primate. However, it makes up for its unfortunate looks with its many skills. For starters, it is the most prolific swimmer of all primates!

A recent video from Malaysia showcased another unexpected skill: hitchhiking!

While its appearance might be off-putting to some, the proboscis monkey’s diverse abilities remind us that beauty is more than skin deep.

The Ugliest Monkey In the World Hitchhikes a Boatride

The Ugliest Monkey In the World Hitchhikes a Boat Ride
Screenshot via AnimalsBeingGeniusses, Reddit.

In a captivating video shot in Sarawak, Malaysia, a proboscis monkey showcases its intelligence as it hitches a hike with a boat.

This unique primate, often dubbed the ugliest monkey in the world, is seen thoroughly enjoying its boat ride.

Monkey on the Edge

The Ugliest Monkey In the World Hitchhikes a Boat Ride
Screenshot via AnimalsBeingGeniusses, Reddit.

As the boat cruises along the river, the monkey sits on the edge, much like a human, enjoying the scenic beauty. It takes a spontaneous dip into the water, showing off impressive swimming skills, only to hang onto the boat’s oar shortly after.

As the journey progresses, this specimen of the ugliest monkey in the world eventually gets off at his final destination, leaving behind a memorable experience for all it shared its enjoyable boat ride with.

The Ugliest Monkey Is the Best Swimmer

The Ugliest Monkey In the World Hitchhikes a Boat Ride
Screenshot via AnimalsBeingGeniusses, Reddit.

Other than being the world’s ugliest monkey, the proboscis monkey is also known for its remarkable swimming abilities – as seen in the video where it hitchhikes a boat ride.

Native to the riverine forests, peat swamps, and mangrove swamps of Borneo, this monkey has adapted to an aquatic lifestyle. It can swim underwater for distances of up to 70 feet and often chooses to rest near the river’s edge.

Features that aid in swimming

The Ugliest Monkey In the World Hitchhikes a Boat Ride
Screenshot via AnimalsBeingGeniusses, Reddit.

They possess various physical features to support their aquatic habits, including partial webbing between their fingers and toes. When faced with threats like clouded leopards, it will leap from overhanging branches into the river, creating a loud splash that might deter potential predators.

The Hitchhike

“Proboscis mokey hitchhiking a boat in Sarawak” via AnimalsBeingGeniusses, Reddit.

Proboscis Monkeys

proboscis monkey
Image via Depositphotos

The proboscis monkey, the monkey seen catching a boat ride, often bears the unfortunate title of the ‘ugliest monkey in the world.

This label primarily stems from its distinctively long and pendulous nose, which can reach up to 7 inches in males. This exaggerated feature, combined with a pot-bellied appearance and reddish-brown fur, sets it apart from other primates, although not in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Additionally, the proboscis monkey’s appearance is a result of its adaptations to its swampy habitat in Borneo. While beauty is subjective, it’s essential to understand that every feature in the animal kingdom has evolved for a reason.

Despite its unconventional looks, is a marvel of evolution and adaptation.

Unusually Ugly But Useful

proboscis monkey
Proboscis monkeys endemic of Borneo island in Malaysia. Image by shalamov via Depositphotos

While its long nose might appear unusual (and unusually ugly) to the human eye, this pendulous nose serves specific functions in the monkey’s life.

Primarily, a larger nose amplifies their vocalizations. This resonating feature allows males to produce louder calls, which play a vital role in attracting potential mates and asserting dominance within their groups.

The size and shape of the nose can indicate a male’s virility and rank, making it an essential tool in mating rituals.

Additionally, some researchers believe that the nose might also help in cooling down the monkey in the humid environments of Borneo by increasing the surface area for heat dissipation.


Proboscis monkey in tree
Image via Pexels.

In summary, the proboscis monkey, often dubbed the world’s ugliest, is a marvel of evolution. Its unique features, from its distinctive nose to its aquatic adaptability, serve specific survival functions.

The video with the hitchhiking monkey underscores its intelligence and adaptability, challenging our conventional standards of beauty.

This primate’s interaction with human environments serves as a reminder of the intricate balance of coexistence. It’s high time we look beyond superficial labels and appreciate the wonders of the natural world in all their forms.

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