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These 19 Fur-tastic Patterns on Cats Stole Our Hearts!🐾 (Don’t Miss The Last One)

19 Unique and Mesmerising Cat Patterns you might have never seen!
19 Unique and Mesmerising Cat Patterns you might have never seen! Image created by CANVA

In our lifetime, people experience cats, whether they owned one or two as a pet, or saw a feline wandering along the street. And while people have pets in colorful coats ranging from solid shades to amazing calico patterns, we could not believe what we stumbled upon next. So keep your whiskers intact because the next 20 felines are nothing like the typical cat!

These cats twirl moustaches or flaunt notes of affection on their stomachs. They parade horrendous fashions that may be anywhere between cute and funny looking. Pull up your seat, cat lovers, as you are now ready to embark on the whisker twitching journey through feline aesthetics that are unparalleled!

1) Moustache Cat Hamilton

Hamilton The Cat
Hamilton: The Whisker Wizard. Image by @Hamilton The Hipster Cat via Facebook

Get acquainted with Hamilton, the feline gentleman and a cat with a handlebar mustache, which many modern men can only dream of. He is not just a cat but a purr-fessional feline, done perfectly in this series that reminds us of Felix the Cat, a famous cartoon figure during pre-school days.

2) Two-Faced Cat

Two-Faced Cat and Loving It!
Two-Faced Cat and Loving It! Image by @venustwofacecat via Instagram

With two faces to each individual, it means that everyone has a chance to be as glamorous as they desire! This cat has a dual nature which is shown in the fact that its face is half black and half brown with a clear line dividing the two colors.

3) Cinnamon Roll Cat

Freshly Baked and Extra Fluffy Cinnamon Roll cat
Freshly Baked and Extra Fluffy Cinnamon Roll Cat. Image by @aww via Reddit

Is this cat secretly a part-time baker in addition to being prominently featured in numerous selfies with pizza and balloons? Its fur has such a ‘cinnamon roll’ pattern, which is so tempting to touch and to have too. It’s not something to bite; those who try will get hisses instead of frosting.


Batman Mask on Cat
Batman Mask on Cat. Image by @Kathryn_Hearn via Twitter

Oh my Gosh, Bat man! This cute kitty really loves the Batman them and freedom of speech so much he put on this mask for the occasion. Gotham City’s newest vigilante? Oh, I have a cat with a little too much of the theater lady in it.

5) Squirrel Stalker Cat

Squirrel Whisperer Cat in Disguise
Squirrel Whisperer Cat in Disguise. Image by @aww via Reddit

This little fluffball raises a question and tries to guess what would happen if a cat concentrates on a squirrel.

6) Cat Within a Cat

Cat Silhouette on cat's Nose
Cat Silhouette on cat’s Nose. Image by @TOKAITRICK_BOT via Twitter

This cat can sense other cats from a distance as if using her nose was the only way to act. The catawba bunkle’s tiny black cutting on its nose just says copy and paste.

7) Heart-Nosed Romeo

Heart-Nosed Romeo Cat
Heart-Nosed Romeo Cat. Image by @cats via Reddit

If one is tired of traditional ‘I love you’ cliché of a red rose then this cat would surely resonate the feeling with its nose shaped like a heart. It is the cutest Valentine’s Day mascot.

8) Apologetic Sam

Apologetic Sam the Cat
Apologetic Sam the Cat. Image by @samhaseyebrows via Instagram

Sam’s furrowed brows, a look of concern etched across his face and an apology on his forehead imply he is always sorry. Did he spill baby formula again, or perhaps knock over the catnip jar?

9) Four-Eyed Wonder

Seeing Double Cat
Seeing Double Cat. Image by @mildlyinteresting via Reddit

Two eyes? Pfft, amateur hour. This cat comes with an extra pair of eye designs imprinted in its fur coat at the actual eye level.

10) Arrow Pointer Cat

Cat with arrow design on furr
Cat with arrow design on furr. Image by @aww via Reddit

The fur directs to the door of the litter box. Ah yes, this cat comes with an arrow-shaped marking pointing right to the Area 51 of cats – the pee pee zone! Practical and stylish.

11) Catception

Cat within Cat
Cat within Cat. Image by @tatuya01 via Reddit

From neck to tail it can make a cat within a cat. It is as if the god created a ‘nesting’ series of cat fluff, but this one is more complex.

12) Love-Stamped Kitty

Heartfelt Belly Art by Cat
Heartfelt Belly Art by Cat. Image by @mildlyinteresting via Reddit

This adorable fluffed heart-shaped print on its fur is a clear sign that it loves kibble very much and enjoys chin scratches.

13) 99% Loading

Black cat with Pink Nose
Black cat with Pink Nose. Image by @mildlyinteresting via Reddit

Black in color with pink nose and some white hair around. The design makes this cat look like the downloading stopped at 99%.

14) Bat Signal Cat

Saving the Night, One Meow at a Time
Saving the Night, One Meow at a Time. Image by @mildlyinteresting via Reddit

Cats can also be seen wearing superhero-inspired costumes, such as this chest piece which turns the feline into a vigilante with the flick of a switch and the projection of a bat light. Commissioner Gordon would be pleased… and a little bit bewildered (We’re assuming he’s not a fan of pop culture).

15) Marble Masterpiece

Cat or Marble Sculpture
Cat or Marble Sculpture. Image by @Scrappy via Facebook

This cat is actually a black-and-white mix; it could be easily mistaken for a living statue that chose to walk around. Here you have the enigmatic masterpiece in the sphere of feline known as the Marble.

16) Paco!!!!!!

Paco the Cat's Exclamation Point
Paco the Cat’s Exclamation Point. Image by @pics via Reddit

An all-white coat, but with black tail, and that beautiful dot below the tail – Paco kills it when it comes to punctuation! It’s kind of hard to pin just one emotion on this cat, but the spirit behind every lively text message ever sent could probably be likened to this cat.

17) Tooshie Love

Bootylicious Affection of Cat
Bootylicious Affection of Cat. Image by @mildlyinteresting via Reddit

Body shaming be damned; all you need is a cute furr heart on the right part of your body to melt everyone’s heart.

18) LOVE at First Sight!

Spellbinding Fur-tography on Cat
Spellbinding Fur-tography on Cat. Image by @aww via Reddit

L, O, V, E are the letters written on this cat’s fur. Heads up, Shakespeare; there is fresh talent that is soon to strike up.

19) Meet Kitler the Cat

Moustache Hair Goals: Furr-ocious Edition of cat
Moustache Hair Goals: Furr-ocious Edition of cat. image by @photoshopbattles via Reddit

This cat seems to be rocking the best nose-hair trim! And while this new fuzz in the office wouldn’t be exactly like Hitler’s mustache — no, indeed, they are much fluffier and about as menacing as a soggy marshmallow — but still, it’s there.

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