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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Mark Twain

TOUR #3 Northern Lights Photography guided evening tour Northern Lights Safari Andenes guided evening tou

PHOTO WORKSHOP Presentation at Sea Safari Brygga and practice 1,5 hours: If you are looking for genuine Arctic experiences, wildlife like whale watchingeagles, and Northern lights and all that surrounded by a stunning coastal and fjord landscape, then Andenes is the place to come to.
Between October and March, the days are very short here in Andenes, north of the polar circle, and there is a period, from the end of November until middle January when the sun does not make it over the horizon. 

We welcome you at Sea Safari Brygga and give you an introduction in the fenomen of the Northen Lights , after that we take the buss for a small trip to the place outside Andenes, were you will have optimal possibility to see the northern lights  when it appears, we offer you warm drink and small snacks , we have benches around an open fire . We help you to make northern light pictures and explain you about the area were you are . Also we make pictures of our trip and you together with the northen lights: a great souvenir !

Included in the prices is : warm suit ,  headlight , transport, warm drinks and small snacks, guiding : so all is included. 

The tour is weather depented , if the trip is canseled we inform you by telephone. The trip starts at 20.00 and end at midnight. We bring you back to the Brygga with the bus.


19:45 welcome at Sea Safari Brygga 

20:00 Introduction in the fenomen of the northernlights , coffe and tea will be served

Jump in your suit and get your head-light

20:45 Buss to the northern light lokation

(at the location we serve warm drinks and small snacks.) 

around mid night we bring you back to he Sea Safari Brygga, were you deliver your suit and head light. 


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A magical experience, only enhanced by Marten and his team's knowledge and professionalism. We were even treated to a comprehensive marine biology lecture post whale sighting accompanied by soup and coffee. We will be back, thank you.
Rose Sutcliffe
Previous explorer
Awesome Whale-watching event, well out to sea, October 2018. RHIB expertly piloted with skilled use of SONAR to locate while not disturbing the feeding whales. Top quality floatation suits provided and fitted. Skipper kept the RHIB as stable as possible to provide photo opportunities. Highly recommended and very safe for families.
John Cole
Previous explorer

Price and Availability 

Kr. 250,- pr pers ( 88,93 € )

From the end of August  until the beginning of April.


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